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6 Korean Wedding Photoshoot Trends 한국 웨딩 사진 촬영 최신 트렌드 6가지

Everyone wants to have their pre-wedding photoshoot to turn out perfect and beautiful. These pictures will capture the love and bond of the couple at that time, making couples feel touched and think back of the days when they were dating. Here are 6 Korean wedding photoshoot trends for couples to get an idea to turn their love into a romance Korean love story.

1. Timeless Monochrome 모노크롬

Monochrome shots are one of the best ways to make your pictures look extremely artistic (예술적). This form of photography will make people’s focus (집중) to the subject (대상) of the photo which is the couple. This kind of pictures places value of retro vibes (복고풍) in the modern (현대) reality. Many couples choose to take this kind of wedding shots to timelessly capture their love.

2. Basic Grey Wall 기본 회색 벽

Basics grey wall wedding shots are the most original (원래) photoshoots that many couples choose to take. Although it may be simple (단순), the faded (흐릿한) background color will make the outfits of the stand out (눈에 띄다) more as grey walls does not have much light reflection (반사) and which makes the photo be overexposed. These grey walls also gives off a rustic touch to the wedding photos.

3. Casual Café 캐주얼 카페

Cafes has been very well-loved by the new generation thanks to their aesthetic (미적인) interior and exterior along with the chill and relaxing (편안한) atmosphere (분위기). There are so many different themes of cafes in Korea including minimalist to futuristic cafes. Another fact is that cafe is where many couples have their dates, which will make them think of the dating days after married.

4. Classic Windows 클래식 윈도우

The classic windows shots are another kind of wedding photo theme that is a favorite of many couples. It is a necessary (필요한) shot of every wedding shoot as the cover page (표지) of the wedding album (앨범). It is so romantic when the sunlight (햇빛) shines through the window and makes the couple look dreamy and blissful. Meanwhile, the windows are usually long windows.

5. String Lights 스트링 라이트

String lights has been quite a thing for young people these days due to the sentimental (감상적인) vibes it gives off. The background (배경) where the vertical string lights hang through the photos illuminates (비추다) the silhouette of the couple and creating a whimsical look. Grab a chance to try it out be it exposed or dim as both are dreamy.

6. Candid in Nature 자연의 솔직함

Nature shots is another well-loved theme (테마) by Koreans, partially because it is guaranteed to have the natural sunlight as the lighting (조명). Nature is also green which makes the background of the photos look authentic that is more suitable for candid shots (자연스러운 사진). The warm tone of the sun will lead the pictures to be like a scene (장면) out of a romance movie (로맨틱 무비).

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