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Studying Korean in School vs Self Study

Learning languages isn't always one shoe fits all. More often than not it depends on the technique as well as the learning capacity of an individual.

1) Studying Environment

When you're self-studying Korean, you have the control to choose the space you study in. Be it the comforts of your home or a quiet cafe, you are not limited by the logistics.

This sometimes is not the case when you are studying Korean in school. The location might be far away and it can be quite troublesome to travel back and forth.

However, if you are self-studying, there is always the risk of being distracted more easily. Studying Korean in school or class, which is a more controlled environment, you will not be distracted as much.

You are bound to be surrounded by people who are studying, hence you follow the pattern and tend to be more focused.

Self-studying Korean requires a lot of discipline but by no means should you feel pressured by it.

The internet is full of learning materials and techniques that you can use to learn a language by yourself.

Studying Korean in school offers a fixed time. You are required to follow it strictly or you'll be missing class.

This can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

One one hand this helps you manage your time properly.

You won't be taking your classes lightly if you are studying Korean in school. On the other hand, it can feel quite restricting and will limit flexibility on your weekly schedule.

Studying Korean in School vs Self Study 1

2) Lesson Plan

When studying Korean in school, there is a tutor to guide you . The lesson plans are prepared to give you an optimal learning experience.

Unfortunately, this is not the case when you are self-studying.

You're required to spend a lot of time in creating your lesson plan and sourcing all the material. Though this can be a great opportunity for you to tailor make a lesson plan to suit you.

Here's a guide on how you can create a self-directed learning plan.

You don't have to follow a class lesson plan that everyone is expected to understand.

Be it podcasts, exercise books or infographics, you can choose your own learning methods.

If you are someone who responds best to video lesson, you can head over to our YouTube channel to find Korean lessons that might help.

Since you'll be having a tutor when studying Korean in school, you get to mark your exercises books by them.

This means they are likely to explain what are your mistakes and how to avoid them. Self-studying requires you to do it by yourself.

You'll only know which questions you've answered correctly and which ones you've answered wrongly.

You wouldn't know why your answer is incorrect unless you researched on your own, which can be a time-consuming task.

Studying Korean in School vs Self Study 2

3) Speaking

Practising your spoken language is an important aspect of learning any language.

When you are self-studying this can be a little difficult.

You will have to detect on your own if you are speaking or pronunciation correctly.

Especially when it comes to a language like Korean where there are many tones and intonations, it can be a little tricky.

You do not have this problem when you are studying Korean in school or a class setting as the tutor is there to monitor your pronunciation and correct it if you make a mistake.

By studying Korean in school, you get to practice speaking with other students making you understand the language better.

Practising speaking when you are self-studying can be a tough thing as you lack peers to train with.

A great option for you is to look for your own community of Korean speakers that you can interact with.

You can find community groups to interact with on our blog on Korean Self Studying Advice.

Studying Korean in School vs Self Study 3

4) Personality

Self-studying is always a matter of personal preference .

If you are planning to try your hand in self-studying, here are some tips and tricks on how you can do it effectively.

However, not everyone is able to self-study Korean. Some people will need guidance in adopting Korean and that is okay too.

It really depends on your preference and learning capacity.

If you want to self-study Korean but you'd like to have a guideline on what to study and even check your exercises, you can always enrol for an online class that offers you that option.

Online classes with Yoon Ssam gives you the guideline of learning Korean like being in a class without you having to physically be there.

Studying Korean in School vs Self Study 4

Be it studying Korean in school or self-studying, remember that it all depends on you and your needs.

See what suits your schedule and go with that.

Learning a new language can be difficult but it can also be an exciting experience so don't be intimidated.

Hope this helps. Do check out our Guide To Studying in South Korea for Malaysians .

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