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New Korean Intake Class for Beginners in Korean Language Starting This October 2019

Been dying to pick up the Korean language but haven’t found the right opportunity?  We have good news for you …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 19, 2019

10-Week Korean Language Program for Young Adults

안녕하세요~ 여러분! I have been researching a lot about language learning for young adults. Many studies out there have proven …Read More

Profile PhotoEmily ChiangSeptember 19, 2019

8 Shocking & Unbelievable Restrictions You Never Knew Existed in 북한 North Korea.

If you are always complaining about your country, let me just stop you right here. Because after reading this restrictions …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 19, 2019

Top 5 Korean drama to binge-watch if you are new to K-drama.

New to the Korean drama wave? Want to jump on the K-drama bandwagon but don’t know where to begin? Don’t …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 17, 2019

4 Things Koreans Do to Celebrate 추석 Chuseok a.k.a the Mid-Autumn Festival!

As you can tell by the title, the Mid-Autumn Festival is referred as 추석 “Chuseok” in Korea.  추석 Chuseok, a …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 13, 2019

The Korean Sea Woman [ 해녀 Haenyeo Diver] – The closest living thing to mermaids.

안녕하우꽈! 혼저옵서예! If you are wondering what I just said, I said hello and welcome in the Jeju dialect! Are …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 12, 2019

9 Sarcastic Korean Idioms You Have Probably Heard While Watching K-Dramas/K-Movies

Nearly every language that exists has idiomatic expressions which can be difficult to interpret in the beginning. For example, you …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 11, 2019

5 Cute and Unique Animals in Korea That You Need to Know!

If you are an animal lover, then you HAVE to know these 5 cute animals from Korea. 1. 너구리 Raccoon …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 10, 2019

Jeju Island a.ka. the Hawaii of Korea – Places You Must Visit on Jeju Island

Jeju-do or popularly known as Jeju Island is the biggest  island in South Korea. It is also the only self-governing …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 6, 2019

Why South Korea and Japan are on each other’s nerves?

Trade War Between South Korea and Japan explained. I get asked this same question so frequently: Why are South Korea …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 5, 2019

Korean Movie Outing With Yoon Ssam

Our Korean teacher, Yoon Ssam organized a movie outing for all of his Korean class students on the 10th August …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 4, 2019

Beginners Guide to Master Korean Language or Just Any Language Fast!

After teaching Korean language for more than 7 years to people from different ethnicity and cultural background in Malaysia, I’ve …Read More

Profile PhotoYoon SsamSeptember 3, 2019

8 Korean Travel Phrases You Need to Know for an Effortless Travel in Korea!

Got a trip coming up to Korea? Anxious that the locals wouldn’t understand you? Don’t panic! We are here to …Read More

Profile PhotoMikayla KaurSeptember 2, 2019
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