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Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Korea 한국에서 할로윈 찐으로 보내는 방법

It's the season of Halloween again! If you are going to be in Korea during Halloween, then you will get to experience the fun of celebrating Halloween in Korea. Here is an ultimate guide to Halloween in Korea!

1. How to say “Happy Halloween” “Happy Halloween” 어떻게 말하지?

Halloween (할로윈) in Korean is just as how it sounds in English. As for how Koreans say “Happy Halloween”, they also just say it like in English, Happy Halloween. It is very easy for foreigners to memorise (외우다) as there are no new Korean expressions (표현) for it.

2. How Halloween is Celebrated 할로윈 축제, 어떤식으로 보내지?

Halloween celebration in Korea is quite different (다르다) from other countries as there are no trick or treating there and putting up haunted houses (유령의 집). However, as the event starts to get more popular these days, the younger generation will dress up (분장) in Halloween costumes, party and take photos with people on shopping streets.

3. Halloween Special Events 할로윈 특별 이벤트

As Halloween is getting more popular, many cafes (카페) are starting to come up with Halloween themed drinks (음료수) and pastries. One of the must try drinks at many cafes are the pumpkin latte (호박 라떼) and cinnamon (계피) drinks. Some other stores that sell beauty products also tend to have Halloween discounts (할인).

4. Costume Parties 코스튬 파티

As mentioned before, more people are starting to take Halloween seriously. They would invest (투자) in dressing up as ghosts (유령), monsters (괴물) and zombies (좀비). Many people would be dressed up in their costumes and walking around the streets in their neighbourhood (동네). They would even let you take selfies (셀카) together.

5. Halloween Events 할로윈 이벤트

One of the biggest events for Halloween in South Korea is the Everland Blood City 6: Express 199. There are also other Halloween events (이벤트) and parades (퍼레이드) that are more suitable for children in Everland (에버랜드) and Lotte (롯데). Another Halloween event that you can go to is the Zombie Prison, a room escape (방 탈출) in Lotte World.

6. Buying Halloween Costumes and Decorations 할로윈 의상과 장식물 구매

One of the most famous places to buy Halloween costumes from is Joy Party (조이 파티) located in Itaewon (이태원). It is more famous for their masks (가면). Another recommended place is Party N Deco (파티앤데코) located in Seocho (서초) and is more famous for wigs (가발). Meanwhile, you can go to any Daiso (다이소) chains and Party House (파티 하우스) to find some interesting Halloween decorations.

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