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8 Best Places to Visit in Korea During Autumn 한국 가을에 방문하기 좋은 8곳

Autumn is finally here and awaiting us with their beautiful colors. Many people have started planning their trip to visit Korea these days and especially when it's autumn, we look forward to seeing beautiful sceneries everywhere. Here are 8 best places to visit in Korea during autumn.

1. National parks 국립공원

Autumn (가을) in Korea is very famous for their bright (밝은) colored leaves and serene (고요한) sky. One of the best places to appreciate this view is to go to national parks. National parks such as Seoraksan National Park (설악산 국립공원) and Naejangsan National Park (내장산국립공원) are quite famous among tourists (관광객) to visit.

2. Haneul Park 하늘공원

Haneul Park is the most popular park near the Seoul World Cup Stadium (서울월드컵경기장). You can choose to sit on the shuttle bus (셔틀 버스) to get to the top of the park or getting on the stairs (계단) with a total 291 steps. There is also an observation deck (전망대) where you can see the stunning views of Seoul and Namsan Tower (남산타워).

3. Gyeongju 경주

Gyeongju is a coastal city (해안 도시) in the southeastern part of North Gyeongsang Province (경상도). It is most well-known for their historical heritage sites (유적지) that are well preserved. In autumn, there will be a stunning scenery of brown and red leaves making it be the most popular fall destinations to visit.

4. Mountains 산

For hiking (등산) lovers, you can choose to go to Korea’s most famous mountains like Gwanaksan (관악산) or Bukhansan (북한산). You will get to see the whole view of southern Seoul and Lotte Tower (롯데타워). There are also many different peaks you can choose to hike up depending on what course you prefer.

5. Gyeongju Pink Muhly Field 경주 핑크뮬리필드

This Pink Muhly Field has a very romantic (낭만적) view (전망) and is extremely suitable for couples to go and enjoy the relieving autumn together. The feathery (가벼운) pink muhly (물풀) will bloom (개화) fully in autumn making it the best time of the year to visit.

6. Chuncheon City 춘천시

For Chuncheon city, it is more recommended to visit with families (가족). This city is at the lakeside (호숫가) and is very famous for Dakgalbi (닭갈비). You can visit the three top tourist attractions in Korea such as Nami Island (남이섬), Gangcheon Rail Bike and Petite France (쁘띠프랑스) if you visit Chuncheon city.

7. Everland 에버랜드

Speaking about autumn, October is the month for Halloween (할로윈). You can go to Everland along with families or friends to experience some spooky fun. Everland is the largest theme park in Korea with many fun rides (놀이 기구) and animal watching (동물 탐방). But the most fascinating part is their horror themed attractions exclusively during Halloween season (계절) only.

8. Lotte World 롯데월드

Lotte world is one of the most famous theme parks in Korea as well. It is suitable for couples (커플) to go due to the cute castle (성) themed interior (인테리어). There are also many fun rides inside and is nearer the city (도시). They also have Horror Halloween Season where you can enjoy the ultimate zombie (좀비) experience (경험).

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