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10 Top Korean Movies For A Fun Movie Night 즐거운 “무비 나이트”를 위한 베스트 추천 영화 10편

Many Korean movies are known to be big hits and have won many global awards. These movies had captivated many viewer's hearts by their interesting content and creative stories. Here are 10 Top Korean Movies that will definitely have you satisfied with a fun movie night if you watch them!

1. Parasite 기생충

This movie follows a poor family who schemes to become employed (고용) by a wealthy family and invade into the household by acting as unrelated (관련 없는) and highly qualified individuals. It was premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival (칸 영화제) and was the first South Korean to win the Palme d’Or (황금종려상.).

2. Train To Busan 부산행

There was a zombie apocalypses (좀비 종말) that began when Seok Woo (석우) and his daughter got on a train to travel from Seoul to Busan by a fast train. The planet was overrun by zombies throughout their voyage (항해), compelling the passengers to battle for their lives and protect their families from the zombies.

3. The Beauty Inside 뷰티 인사이드

A guy wakes up in a different person’s body every single day and transform (변환) into someone else. Whoever he transforms into is regardless of their age (나이), gender (성별) or ethnicity (민족성). However, he is still himself in the soul but he looks different when other people looks at him.

4. My Love, Don't Cross That River 님아 그강을 건너지마오

This is more of a documentary where a long-time married elderly couple who always hold hands and where couple “hanbok” (한복) wherever they go. They enjoy every single day together throughout the four seasons (사계절). One day, the husband starts coughing and gets weaker day by day. The wife then prepares for a farewell (작별).

5. The Age of Shadows 밀정

This movie depicts (묘사) Korean resistance fighters attempting to smuggle (밀수) bombs (폭탄) into Seoul under Japanese rule in the 1920s. The story fully illustrates and shows how friends and fellow countrymen (동포) find themselves on opposing sides during times of political persecution (정치적 박해), as well as the enormous personal difficulties that can result.

6. The Handmaiden 아가씨

This movie is about a young woman who is engaged (약혼) as a handmaiden to Lady Hideko, a Japanese heiress (상속녀). Without Hideko knowing, the new aide con artist (사기꾼) collaborates with forces from the outside to have her committed to an asylum (보호 시설) as well as lose all her of her fortune (재산).

7. The Wailing 곡성

The Wailing is an award winning horror film (공포 영화) and had may viewers who loved the show. The story was set in a tiny village (마을) where a weird ailment (병) has begun spreading among locals after the appearance of a mysterious stranger who is assumed to be an evil ghost (사악한 유령). It is definitely suitable for a scary movie night.

8. Burning 버닝

This story is about a guy who desires to be a writer but is currently working part-time for a distribution company (유통회사) as a delivery man (배달부). One day, he ran into his childhood friend while doing his delivering job. They happen to form a bond but everything becomes confusing when she came back from a trip along with Steven Yeun's well-to-do Ben.

9. The Witch 마녀

A female high school student was trained to become a murder weapon (살인 무기) and medical experiments (실험) are used on living bodies in the process. This student then happens to suffer through an identity crisis and gets involved in a crime. There is a Part 2 for this movie as well where a girl becomes a lone survivor of the secret laboratory (실혐실).

10. Space Sweepers 승리호

This is a Sci-fi (공상과학) movie which shares about a ragtag (누더기) group of space junk collectors and the reprogrammed military (군용) robot Bubs Scavenge space trash to make a living. In this story, there is then a growing sense of divided society where the poor (가난한) is forced to survive by sabotaging (파괴) systems.

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