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The free tools that I was given to create my courses, they have really helped me to scale and still feel connected to those who purchased them.

After spending some time in course creation, I can just focus on giving them the support they need!


Course creator

The language centre I was teaching at closed due to the pandemic.

I'm happy to be able to still continue my teaching and interact with new learners! i miss meeting new people. Plus, uBitto made it so easy to start right away!


High school teacher
Live class instructor

I learnt Korean purely from passion and it's great that I'm able to pass my knowledge forward and share my experience as a language learner.

When I meet learners whom I can clique with, it doesn't feel like a job at all.


Practice Buddy

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Everyone is welcome to be a partner, but these are the qualities and skills that’ll help you earn more.

Reach out to hundreds of learners who are looking to skill up. Easily set up a class online, teach with your heart and let us handle the hassle of payments and administrative work.
An opportunity to cultivate new perspectives and connect with fascinating people you would otherwise not meet. Help us make learning your language fun. Simply meet up online or face to face to have conversations with a learner.
Learning goes beyond the four walls of a typical classroom. We are looking for thoughtful experts with deep ties to their local communities. Share your culture and design experiences people want to try. Turn your passion into profit. 
Also, get in touch if you have internship or job opportunities for learners.

At a glance

Live Class instructor
Practice Buddy
Experience Maker
Learning method
Teach learners on a regular, scheduled basis. Learners will call in at a fixed timing.
Talk to help learners practise conversational skills.
Provide meaningful experience or career opportunities to apply what they have learnt in real life.
Teaching experience
Not compulsory
Not compulsory
Suitable for
Language instructor
Native speakers
Native speakers
Fluent speakers
Tour organisations
Experience schools
Government organisations
During class
Community group
During session
Community group
During session
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