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8 Beauty Secrets Korean Women Picked Up From Their Mothers That You Need to Know

Korean mother's are known for being strict with their children when it comes to skincare.

They usually start making their children wear sunscreen everyday from a really young age.

This is when they start learning about the importance of taking good care of their skin.

I’ve managed to find some genius beauty secrets that Korean women incorporate in their beauty regime, all thanks to their beauty-conscious mothers! 

1. Double cleansing

I know I’ve mentioned this in my previous article and I want to do it again because this is just so important 아주 중요해요 for the Korean women.

Click here to understand the double cleansing better and how to do it correctly.

If you are wondering why cleanse two times?

To simply put, oil and water do not mix together hence you need two different cleansers to remove the oil and water based impurities that are sitting on your face throughout the day.

Korean mothers usually tell their children to use an oil-based cleanser that helps to break down makeup, SPF and to remove the sebum and collected from the day. After the oil cleansing, you have to follow with a water based cleanser (foam/gel) that helps to remove sweat and dirt.

This is why the step is known as the double cleansing / re-cleansing.

2. Exfoliating everyday

Korean grandmothers or mothers may not have used exfoliating scrubs, but they sure did exfoliate their skin every day by using a washcloth.

The traditional Korean way of cleansing involves soaking the washcloth in hot water and then massaging in circular and upward motion around the face.

This method helps by physically exfoliating the skin to get smooth and blemish-free skin!

3. Applying essence 에센스 in the shower

Korean women agree that nothing else is as effective as washing your face in a hot steamy shower and applying an essence while you are still in the shower.

However, 그렇지만 you will need to avoid the water while patting the essence into your skin.

After trying several methods, Korean women found that this was the only technique that help change their skin dry flaky skin 건성피부 to plump and moisturized skin. 

4. The 10-second rule 10초의 법칙 

Another beauty secret Korean women practice is to wash off ALL their makeup as soon as they get home and then apply toner and serums immediately after cleansing.

You are supposed to apply the toner/serum within 10 seconds after showering 샤워한 후에.

Removing the makeup immediately does not only allow the skin to breathe but it also allows the toners 토너 and serums 세럼 to begin working its magic as early as 6.p.m. instead of waiting until midnight before bed.

And before bedtime, you can follow up with an overnight sleeping mask.

5. Face Workout 얼굴 운동

Korean women have been advocating the facial exercise for a long time and this is why getting a massage during a facial is common in Korea.

Korean women do mouth stretches to tone their face. To do this you simply need to say  A-E-I-O-U in an exaggerated way as this helps the blood to circulate around your face.

If you are ready to upgrade to a facial massage, you can invest in a jade roller.

Jade is seen as a gem that can help with detoxification, improving blood circulation 혈액순환, firming the skin, reducing puffiness and the appearance of fine lines.

6. Face slapping

Slap your face hard.

Yes, you heard me right.

I know this tip sounds crazy but it is a super popular technique in Korea.

Korean women will slap their faces about 50 times after finishing their daily skincare routine.

They do this to get the blood circulation 혈액순환 moving and to firm up the muscles 근육 in their face 얼굴.

A Korean woman, Angela Kim, said “I grew up with my mom doing this. She slapped so hard you could hear it in the kitchen from her bedroom,” 

It might sound crazy, but when it comes to slapping, “the more the merrier” and “the harder the better!”

So start slapping your face guys to get your blood moving!

7. Use Pressing Motion

If you have watched any Korean women doing their skincare 피부관리 routine on Youtube 유튜브, you would've probably noticed how gentle they are with their skin. They do not swipe their skin around while applying their skincare products, instead they use pressing motion to help the product seep into their bouncy skin!

Korean women believe that tugging the skin will produce fine lines and wrinkles 주름살 quickly!

8. Hang your damp bath towel in your room 방!

The winter in Korea can really be harsh and cold, so humidifiers are commonly used to keep the skin hydrated as the air is really dry.

However, if you are traveling or simply can't afford a humidifier, you can just use your damp towel 수건 from your shower time.

A lot of Korean women like to drench their towel 수건 wet and then hang it around their bed while they sleep at night.

Most Korean women claim that it works wonders as they wake up with super hydrated and supple skin.

Have you tried any of these Korean beauty secrets before? Would you try any of these? Let us know! 알려주세요 

Note: Most Korean brands 브랜드 do not have English translation and it can be a little confusing to understand the ingredients and the instructions. If you wish to pick up some basic Korean language, you can sign up for our online class down below.

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