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Top 15 Words of Encouragement in Korean

If you have been following Korean Tv shows or drama, you've probably noticed people use encouraging words such as ” 파이팅 hwaiting” (Fighting).
Today, we will be sharing the top 15 words of encouragement in Korean which you can use to cheer on your family, friends or even favorite K-pop stars.

1. 파이팅! hwaiting [Go]

You've probably already noticed, 파이팅 hwaiting is borrowed from the English word “fighting”.

However, this word does not necessarily mean to engage in the act of “fighting” rather it is a Konglish word that refers to fighting spirit.

파이팅! hwaiting is often used to wish good luck or to lift the team spirit by saying cheer up!

대한민국 파이팅, daehanminguk hwaiting! [Go, Korea]

2. 괜찮아 gwenchana [It’s okay]

You can use this word to comfort someone who is feeling sad, depressed or worried with a low pitch.

A: I am feeling sad because I lost my lipstick…
B:  괜찮아. You can buy another one.

3. 힘내 himne [Cheer up!]

You can use to cheer up someone who is feeling sad


A: My girlfriend just broke up with me…
B: 힘내! I am here for you.

4. 할 수 있어 hal su isseo [You can do it]

You can use this phrase to someone who is feeling doubtful about doing something or to simply encourage someone before they do something important – exams or sports

A: I am really anxious about the football match tonight
B: 할 수 있어! You've been preparing for years for this day.

5. 포기하지마 pogihajima [Don’t give up]

You can use this phrase to cheer on someone who is feeling discouraged, demotivated and on the verge to give up on something.

A: I don't think I will be chosen to debut for the new K-pop girl band
B: 포기하지마! You can always try again for a different girl group!

6. 정하지 마 geokjeonghaji ma [Don’t worry

You can use this phrase when someone is worried about an issue.

A: I think I am going to fail the Seneung exams.
B: 정하지 마! I am pretty sure, you did your best.

7. 자랑스러워 jarangseureoweo [I’m proud of you]

You can use this phrase to tell someone how you are proud of them or their achievements!

A: Omma, I got accepted into Seoul National University
B: Congrats! 자랑스러워!

8. 잘했어 jalhesseo [You nailed it]

You can use this phrase when somebody did something exactly right or perfect.

You can think of someone trying to hammer a nail into a board.

They hit the nail so perfectly that the nail goes straight into the board very well.

If you scored 100% on an exam, you “nailed it”.

A: I got 100% for my Mathematic test!
B: Oh wow! 잘했어!

9. 꿈을 이루길 바랄게 ggumeul irugil baralge [I hope your dreams come true]

You can use this phrase when someone tells you of their dreams.

A: I hope to be an actress starring in K-drama's someday!
B: This is ambitious! 꿈을 이루길 바랄게.

The next few phrases you can use it on your favorite K-pop stars or Korean celebrities.

10. 살빼지마세요 salppaejimaseyo [Please don’t lose any weight]

K-pop star: I have been dieting because I want to lose weight
Fan: Your body is fine! 살빼지마세요

11. 당신은 소중한 사람이에요  dangsineun sojunghan saramieyo [You’re a special person]

K-pop star: I don't think I am good enough comparing to my other band members.
Fan: 당신은 소중한 사람이에요

12. 난 항상 응원 할게요 nan hangsang eungwon halgeyo [I’ll always support you]

K-pop star: I think I am leaving this K-popindustry because I want to focus on my mental health.
Fan: It is okay. 난 항상 응원 할게요

13. 푹 쉬세요 puk swiseyo [Please rest well]

K-pop star: I am sorry for canceling the upcoming show because I am not feeling well physically.
Fan: It is okay. We understand that you are tired! 푹 쉬세요

14. 행복하세요 haengbokaseyo [Please be happy]

K-pop star: I have been feeling sad lately…
Fan: Don't worry, everything will be alright soon. 행복하세요!

15. 실수해도 괜찮아요 silsuhaedo gwaenchanayo [It's ok if you make a mistake.]

K-pop: I am sorry if my comment has hurt some of my fan's feelings.
Fan: 실수해도 괜찮아요. We are all humans after all.

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