Help someone to level up!

What if we tell you there’s an opportunity to help someone improve their language skills while being able to earn at the same time? Best thing is, you already have what it takes – your language skills!

Who is a Practice Buddy?

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Bahasa Melayu, Korean, English, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese)

Rates from

5 / session
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Korean, English, Chinese (Mandarin)

Rates from

12 / session

The fastest and most effective way to be fluent is to be thrown to the ‘wild’ and be placed in a situation where they have no choice but to survive, in this case, speak the language. This is why learners experience tremendous improvement after staying and interacting with native speakers.

Practice Buddy’s role is to create or simulate these ‘challenging environment’ by speaking almost exclusively in the language.

Learners will book a Practice Buddy to meet online or at an agreed location. What Practice Buddy does during these sessions is to converse with learners.

What can you talk about?

Why be a Practice Buddy


1. Everything techy is taken care of

Setting up viable e-learning lessons / services takes time. Our tools are ever ready for you to market yourself and start being a Practice Buddy from day one.


2. No teaching background needed

Learners are equipped with prior knowledge so sessions are purely conversational! You do not need any teaching background to be a Practice Buddy.


3. Build personal branding

Marketing plans will be tailored to give individuals plenty of exposure to increase your personal credibility, so that you can be successful on your own too.


4. Earning potential

Maximise your earning as our learners are global. Create your profile and earn every time a learner books you.


5. Reach quality learners

You reach out to people who not only want to learn, but also practise and experience a language. These are long-term learners with high retainment.

Nurture young learners.
Opens up a young adult's world.
Help improve travel experience.
A journey of lifelong learning.
Foster meaningful relationship.
Better relationship-building at work.
Equal opportunity to learn.
Increase employability.

How it works

1. Create a Practice Listing

Your page is how people find and book you. Make a great first impression by creating an attractive listing, one that highlights your passion and expertise, using high quality photos, videos or even descriptions.
Once submitted, we will be creating a Partner account for you to edit your working hours and rate.



Be A Practice Buddy

We’re excited to grow with you! Apply to be a Practice Buddy and enjoy multiple perks!

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