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10 Trendy & Unique Items You Probably Never Bought From Korea Before!

First time going to Korea or got another upcoming trip back to Korea but don’t know what to shop for?

Don't worry this is not another article suggesting you to buy the Korean face masks or Korean snacks! We’ve got you covered on new shopping ideas!

If you are clueless (like me)  or just running out of ideas on what to buy from Korea, I’ve made a perfectly curated and unique shopping list just for you!  Are you ready to break your bank, because I am!

1. Mini Sized Hair Tools 여행용 미니 헤어 스타일러 (테이크 아웃)

If you love switching  hairstyles, then you got to have the mini size hair tools. The hair tools come in all kinds of cute colors, styles and designs! 

The Unix brand is known for making the mini sized hair tools so make sure to keep an eye for them. They have straighteners, curlers, wavers and hair dryers that come in a tiny size which is perfect for when you are traveling!

Click here to shop the Unix Mini Dryer
Click here to shop the Unix Mini Multi-Iron

2. Trendy Korean Backpacks  트렌디 가방

If you watch Korean dramas and K-pop music videos a lot, you probably already know that South Koreans got some tasteful fashion style! You will not only find nice clothing and fashion accessories in Korea but also stylish bags.

If you love all things luxury, you might want to get the MCM bags. In 2005, MCM brand was acquired by a South Korean retail business that was founded by Sung-Joo Kim, the youngest daughter of a South Korean business mogul, Kim Soo-keon. Hence, it's cheaper to buy MCM bags from Korea than anywhere else.

Boutique stores tend to have more choices than the duty free store. However, the price might be expensive , so do look around before purchasing your perfect bag!

Click here to get the rose gold MCM backpack!

3. Hangover Ice Cream “Gyeondyo Bar”  견뎌바

If you didn’t know, let me break it to you, Koreans are one of the world’s heaviest drinkers! And for this reason, you will find a lot of hangover products everywhere – hangover ice cream, drinks, soups.

The “Gyeondyo Bar” was introduced in 2016 as Korea’s first hangover ice cream bar which literally means “hang in there”. The name “expresses the hardships of employees who have to suffer a working day after heavy drinking,” according to the convenience store chain Withme FS, which created the sweet treat.

You can find them easily in convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, GS and CU.

4. Cute Character Socks 귀여운 캐릭터 양말 

In Korea, there is a funny saying which says that you are not famous until your face is on the socks! They do not only have cute character socks, but they have Korean celebrities figurine socks and political figurine socks like Donald Trump too!

You will not only find  the socks in the streets or malls but they also have a SOCK VENDING MACHINE! I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the spirited away character socks! Let’s be real, even though it's creepy, that anime has a special place in our hearts.

Click here to get your favorite cartoon character socks!

5. Wedding Ducks 원앙세트

Wooden wedding ducks are one of the most popular gifts to give a newly married couple in Korea. Mandarin ducks are picked specifically because Koreans believe that unlike other types of ducks, they mate for life and if one duck dies, the other will mourn.

So if you know of anyone getting married soon, you can pick this up as it will definitely be a memorable gift for the newly married couple!

Click here to you the cute wedding ducks!

6. Personalized Stamps/Dojang 도장

The dojang 도장 has been long used by the Koreans all throughout the country to sign important documents in addition to a signature. The stamps come in all kinds of sizes and stones! 

Almost everyone in Korea own a personalized stamp of their name! You can custom make the stamps with your name in Hangul (the Korean alphabet) at any stamp shop in Korea!

Click here if you want the personalized stamps for your name!

7. Starbucks Tumbler and Limited Edition Cards 스타벅스 텀블러

If you are Starbucks merch hoarder, then you have to get your hands on their limited edition Starbucks tumbler and cards. In  fact all of the pretty looking tumbler designs that you seen online were probably made by the very creative Korean designers.

Click here to buy the cute Korean Starbucks tumblr.

8. Electric Thermal Rice Cooker 전기 밥솥 

Every Korean housewife has the electric thermal rice cooker from the South Korean brand “CUCKOO” on their wish list!

This magic pot has a voice function that you can talk too (if you are lonely), and you can also use it too cook stews! It is a little on the pricey side but absolutely worth buying and taking it back home!

You can visit the Lotte Mart, if you want to get this high tech rice cooker. 

Click here to get your own Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker!

9. Phone Cases 핸드폰 케이스 

You will find phone cases ranging from cute pastel colored design and cartoon characters to pop culture icons and crazy bedazzled ones! You can even customize your own phone case! With all this crazy cool options you will definitely leave with more than one phone case – I can bet you!

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on all the “we bare bear” phone cases because I can never get over their cuteness!  

Click here to shop for new phone cases!

 10. Stationery 학용품 

If you love hoarding pens, markers, stickers notebooks, planners (but not planning anything like me), make sure you head over to any ArtBox outlet! They have really cute stationery yet affordable and it's perfect to buy back for your friends and family!

Click here to get a cute Korean notebook!

Have you bought any of these items I suggested? Let me know what other things you planning to buy while you are there!

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