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Being a K-Pop idol is not easy, especially when you’re expected to lose weight or maintain the weight that you have. While there are healthier

6 Controversial K-Dramas

While most people think that majority of K-Dramas are the same, innocent plot, you’d be surprised at the amount of controversial shows that are in

A Brave Girls’ Miracle!

If you’re someone who’s updated with the latest news in K-Pop right now, then you’ve probably heard of this “Brave Girls’ Miracle”. If you haven’t,

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Created in 2005, this incredibly huge platform YouTube is used and loved by many; providing endless entertainment and information for everyone. Did you know that

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After Bong Joon Ho’s film, Parasite made history (becoming the first non-English movie to win the Oscar) with the Best Picture, the Korean cinema has

The Dark Side of K-Pop

K-Pop idols seem to have it all—fame, beauty and wealth, but all of those comes at a price. Besides the seemingly glamorous façade of the

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know BLACKPINK?

Confident that you are the biggest BLACKPINK fan? Try out this quiz and find out how much you really know about BLACKPINK! [INSERT_ELEMENTOR id= 25585]

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Gyro Drop: Is It Fake?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Familiar with the name Gyro Drop popping up on your social media recently? Then you’re in for some news. Ever