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No one’s journey is the same. Ensure a well-curated learning by choosing from our list of common learning goals – be it for studies, career or casual. 

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Goal-based learning

Meaningful learning goals that tie into real-life situation.

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LEVS GRW Approach

LEVS GRW (Levels Grow) is the backbone of our lesson design as there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to learning. Learners can identify which aspect of learning they excel in or needed improvement.

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Goal Based Learning

One of the main reasons why learners fail is aimless learning. uBitto provides guidance via meaningful learning goals that tie into real-life situation, including career possibilities.

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Community Support

Don't make learning a lonely journey. Get connected with passionate learners who are learning the same thing as yours, exchange ideas and even make plans through our community feed!

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Lifelong Opportunities

We connect learners with legitimate internship or job opportunities, allowing them to land themselves meaningful jobs relevant to what they learnt through uBitto.


Meet 윤쌤!

Being a Korean language teacher for close to 10 years, Yoon Jung Hyun (Yoon Ssam) is a strong advocate of active and purposeful learning, as reflected in his way of teaching Korean.

“Learning is not a spectator’s sport,” he constantly emphasized. He is best known for encouraging participation in classes as well as bringing learning out from the classroom, in this case, making learning accessible from everywhere.

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Each lesson is tailored to reach different goals.


Our goal is to go beyond traditional learning and make learning fun again through our core value – Learn, Practice, Experience. If you believe in this and have what it takes to be an educator, we want you.