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Korean Blood Type Personalities

What's your blood type?” is a very common thing to ask, especially during blind dates!

혈액형이 뭐예요? (hyeol-aek-hyung-i mwoyeyo?) – what is your blood type?

Aside from the usual where Koreans normally ask for each other's ages, asking for each other's blood type is also a regular thing!

You might be wondering, confused even. Why? Why blood type and how did this whole thing come to be?

*everything is so confusing*

The origin for this concept actually has quite a dark history, depends on how you want take it lol. Allegedly used by Nazis and Japanese Imperialists, it is to promote ideas of supremacy over different races and countries in the 1920s and 1930s.

Didn't know that? Sounds amazing doesn't it? 😀

But don't worry, that whole dark concept is long forgotten now. The only reason Koreans still ask for each other's blood type before jumping into any relationship is because one's blood type supposedly determines someone's personality, temperament and compatibility.

honestly who wouldn't someone as cute as ji soo?

After knowing what kind of person they're dealing with, they then decide if the relationship is capable of being compatible or not. Of course by “relationship”, it refers to both romantic and platonic.

To break it down, there are blood types A, B, O and AB. Better find out what type you are now, you might just find your personality and who's the most compatible for you!


Blood Type A

According to the Korean blood type personality chart, people of blood type A are diplomatic and friendly. But, due to their sensitive natures, these people prefer being alone than in a group.

Chances are they may feel uncomfortable at parties or in crowded places. They easily get hurt and are fragile at heart, so naturally it takes time for them to open up to new people.

Sadly, others might think of them as snobs considering the fact that people with blood type A are more reserved and fancy keeping to themselves.

More blood type A personalities :

성실하다 (seongsilhada) – to be earnest

고집이 세다 (gojibi seda) – to be stubborn

예민하다 (yeminhada) – to be sensitive

신중하다 (sinjunghada) – to be cautious

Blood type compatibility for A :

Best : O, A

Worst : B


Blood Type B

People of blood type B are said to be the most outgoing in comparison to the other blood types. They are independent and passionate, especially when it's something/someone that they're interested in.

These people are not afraid to speak their minds, therefore they are often seen as self-centered because they are highly opinionated and not afraid to express themselves; regardless of what others may feel.

Surprise! In Korea, men with blood type B are famous for being playboys and for not being suitable for a stable, committed relationship.

But of course, the about statement is not true lol. Again, it's all just plain assumptions!

More blood type B personalities :

창의적이다 (changeuijeogida) – to be creative

이기적이다 (igijeogida) – to be selfish

무책임하다 (muchaegimhada) – to be selfish

낙관적이다 (nakgwancheogida) – to be optimistic

Blood type compatibility for B :

Best : AB, O

Worst : A


Blood Type O

These people are known to be energetic, friendly and practical. Blood type O is usually labeled as a natural leader. Wow, bet you didn't know that xD

Unlike blood type A who speaks whatever is on their mind without filter, those of blood type O express their opinions in a more constructive way and they know how to handle their emotions well.

This gives others a great impression of their capability of being stable and under control. However, they are really sensitive on the inside though having a strong demeanour.

People with blood type O are not so great at expressing their feelings very well due to the fear of rejection. That, and they also have the dire to get things done perfectly.

More blood type O personalities :

외향적이다 (waehyangjeogida) – to be outgoing

타고난 리더이다 (tagonan lideo-ida) – to be a natural leader

질투심이 많다 (jiltusimi manda) – to be jealous

거만하다 (geomanhada) – to be arrogant

Blood type compatibility for O :

Best : A, B

Worst : AB


Blood Type AB

These people are the most interesting compared to the others because this blood type is labeled either a psycho or a genius. Hmmm…interesting :O

Known for being unpredictable, they jump around from one activity to the next. Their temperament is a mixture of A and B, which means that their personalities can change rapidly depending on the situation and their mood.

You know what's better? Sometimes they don't have control over it. Also, AB's are rational thinkers. Someone's being irrational? Bad move, because AB's can't stand that.

move out of the way losers

That's why they may face difficulties interacting with other peers as they often give out the wrong impression of being moody and two-faced because of their personality xD

More blood type AB personalities :

합리적이다 (hamlijeogida) – to be rational

비판적이다 (bipanjeogida) – to be critical

재능이 있다 (jaeneungi ittda) – to have talent

별나다 (byeolnada) – to be eccentric

Blood type compatibility for AB :

Best : AB, B

Worst : O

Which one of the characteristics from these blood types did you find interesting? Most importantly, which blood type suits you best?

Also, please remember that these facts are not scientifically proven! Whatever happens is purely coincidental. But, topics like these are interesting and fun to read right? LOL. Thank you for reading <3

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