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How To Submit Assignments on uBitto Community Group

As you might’ve noticed, uBitto has recently gotten a new facelift, complete with personalised interface for learners to be able to submit assignments directly on the website. In case you are wondering how to submit assignments on uBitto Community Group, here are the step-by-step guidelines.


Step #1 : Create Google Drive. By having a Gmail account, Google Drive will be automatically given. If you don’t own any Gmail account, I would strongly recommend you to create one.

You may follow the steps given from this LINK

If you already have one, skip this Step #1 

Step #2 : Now please go to Google Drive (https://drive.google.com/) and create a folder with the name ‘Learn Korean with uBitto _yourname' 

Step #3 : Share the edit access of all files under this folder to your instructor in this case: penangkoreanclass@gmail.com (yoonssam)

Right click on the folder > Share > Type penangkoreanclass@gmail.com > Give “Editor” Role > Click ‘Share’

Step #4 : Now start doing your assignment and upload the assignment (i.g. voice recording, video recording, Google Docs, Google Sheets…etc) to this Google Drive folder. If you need to copy Google Docs/Sheets from the instructor original file, after copying it, move the file to this folder. 

Step #5 : Once you complete your assignment, please go to ubitto.com > community > discussions > week 1/2/3 (whichever the assignment belongs to) 

For example, you wish to submit your assignment belongs to Week 2 

https://ubitto.com/community/sprout-level-1-complete-set/forum/ >> Click ‘Week 2 Assignment’ 

Or Click on Forum from the Sidebar menu

Or you can navigate it from your profile too

Step #6 : Click ’Reply’ big yellow button to open your assignment thread and say hey this is my homework link (copy the link of your assignment and paste there) 

And then share your link here OR 

You can make it more tidy if you would like 🙂 (create the hyperlink) 

Step #7: Instructor will comment on your assignment and send the group chat which will trigger the email to you as part of notification 

Step #8: You may continue to resubmit your assignment after correction done using the following method

This way you and instructor can continue to talk about the same topic / assignment

That’s it!! 🙂 


If you wish to get the notification for any new assignment created in future, please make sure you click the ‘Subscribe' button on the Community Group.


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