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Top Strong Standing Fashion Brands in Korea 한국에 패션 브랜드 강자

South Korea is known to be one of the most fashionable countries with many famous fashionista celebrities such as G-dragon and Irene Kim. Many youngsters all over Asia have been purchasing beauty and fashion products from these famous Korean brands. Here are the top 5 strong standing fashion brands in Korea.


STYLENANDA was founded by Kim So Hee (김소희) back in year 2004 and was acquired by L’Oreal.

Their style had influenced (영향) many of the younger generation in Asia who has been looking out for the newest fashion and beauty trends.

One of their best sellers is the beauty brand 3CE which is one of the makeup (화장품) all teen girls dream to have.


This is a luxury Korean eyewear (안경) brand which mainly focuses on trendy sunglasses and optical glasses.

It was founded by Hankook Kim (김한국) in year 2011.

This brand currently has 41 stores operating worldwide.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun (전지현) has actually worn the sunglasses of this brand in the hit K-drama “My Love From The Star”.


MINJUKIM is a clothing (의류) brand and was the winner in the Netflix series “Next in Fashion” which is a fashion design competition.

As the winner, she had received 250,00 USD as a prize to launch a collection sale (판매) on their site.

She had established herself as one of the top Korean fashion stars in the business (비지니스) and has even styled BTS members before.

4. Hyein Seo 혜인서

This Korean fashion brand is more famous overseas and has been worn by one of the top music stars Rihanna.

G-Dragon (지드래곤) has also worn this brand before.

This brand has more of a streetwear edge after these music stars worn their clothing.

This brand focuses quite a lot on slogans (슬로건) and screams for female empowerment and expression.

5. Anderson Bell 앤더슨벨

This is a brand which is famous for crossing both fashion and street aesthetics (미학).

The brand was founded back in year 2014 and is very popular among the young crowds in Asia.

Back in year 2019, BTS’s Jungkook (정국) wore the brand’s sneakers (운동화) for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

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