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Creepy Internet Mysteries From Korea : Han In Taek’s Murder.

Today, this post is rather an interesting one! It's about one of the biggest mysteries in the Korean internet. Do you dare to read through everything here without getting goosebumps? We challenge you!

On the night of September 6th 2005, the Korean police received strange calls from a guy who kept on making strange noises. The call however was strangely cut off.

Han In Taek

The victim was revealed to be a 17 year old student named Han In Taek (한인택). According to sources, Han In Taek was a very nice person and got good grades in school. He was also a very sociable boy. On that same night September 6th 2005, Han was at your ordinary Korean PC Bang or PC room playing games with his friends.

Han usually goes home pretty late at night and he would borrow money from his friends for a taxi ride. However on that night, he couldn't borrow money from anyone that day so he decided to take the bus. Much to his dismay, the bus that he usually takes to go home was taking so long to arrive. So, Han took another route of walking up the nearby hill to another bus stop in order to catch another bus.

It was on the way to the bus stop where Han In Taek was found brutally murdered and unfortunately, the area that he was in had no surrounding CCTVs for the police to track what had happened. An autopsy was carried and the results showed that the cause of Han's murder was from a sharp knife to his stomach which was only stabbed once. The cut from the knife was so deep that it ultimately lead to his death.

The hospital explained that due to how deep the cut was, it's impossible for it to be an accident but rather a planned attack. The knife used to stab Han In Taek was found 90 metres from him but the police couldn't trace any fingerprints due to the shape of the handle. The handle had too many bumps and professionals believe that the usage of this knife is actually for cutting sashimi.

Strangely enough, there was no blood found and they didn't do a DNA test. Even if the authorities wanted to do so, they claimed that the technology at the time wasn't as advanced compared to now. However, some people still say that the statement is hard to believe as 2005 was only 15 years ago. How outdated could technology be back then?

According to the victim's last call, the police believed that the 17 year old was calling out the suspect's name. The name to the police sounded something like “Kim Gil Dong” (김길동). *Gil Dong is a fake name for the public due to privacy reasons. Kim however is the real surname of the suspect.

The police went to the high school that Han In Taek attended and interviewed his classmates as they were trying to find someone who's name sounded similar to the suspect's. According to the students, there were two potential students who could be the suspect as these kids had a bad relationship with their late classmate. As creepy as it is, one of their names actually sounded very similar to the name that Han was calling out for.

In addition to that, a gas station worker who was working on the same night as Han's murder, claimed to have seen the boy running up the hill followed by two other men chasing him. The worker then confirmed to the authorities on the faces of the possible suspects.

When the two students were arrested, to everybody's surprise, both of them started confessing on how they were the suspects of Han's death. Both students confessed that they in fact, didn't have the best relationship with the victim and how Han was badmouthing them behind their backs. Apparently, that was enough to drive both boys to get their revenge on him.

Han In Taek's mother

The victim's mom remembers interviewing the boys and asking them if they really did murder her son, which they replied with a nod and even said “yes”. With that, it seemed like this case was closed really fast. Suspiciously.

In the words of the police, the suspects' families then got involved in the case, bringing in lawyers here and there. That was when the attitudes of the two boys started to change. They took back their confessions and claimed that they only confessed because of the police pressure. On top of that, no further physical evidence could be found, so ultimately both the suspects walked out free. There is no one behind the bars to justify the death of Han.

However, till this day, the Korean police claim that the most prominent evidence from this entire incident was the last voice recording of Han In Taek just before his unfortunate death.

15 years later, the documentary crew 그것이 알고싶다 (geu-geo-shi al-go-ship-da) interviewed one of the suspects again who was willing to speak of his side of the story. The suspect, Kim, said that even though he had alibis who to prove that he wasn't with Han In Taek that night, the police didn't care and instead brutally interrogated him. He claimed that because he was so young and afraid, he caved in and signed the confession papers.

Until now, the police still doesn't know what was the victim trying to say in his last phone call. At the end of the day, sadly Han In Taek's killer is yet to be found and is still roaming free.

Han In Taek

What do you think of this case? Who do you think is really the killer of Han In Taek? We hope that his spirit is at ease and that one day his murderer will be caught and punished!

Want to hear the recording of Han's last call before his death? You can hear it from this video :

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