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10 Useful Intermediate Korean Expressions 한국어 중급 학습자들이라면(?) 알아야 하는 표현들

There are many phrases used by Korean native speakers in day-to-day conversations. Knowing how to use them will make you sound like a seasoned language learner more, enabling you to bring your message across better. Here's a list of 10 useful Korean expressions for Intermediate Korean learners.

1. 간발의 차이 Gan-bal-ui Cha-yi

Meaning: By a Hair

Example: 간발의 차이로 버스를 놓쳤어
(gan-bal-ui cha-yi-ro beo-seu-reul no-cheot-sseo)
I missed the bus by a hair.

2. 극과극 Geuk-gwa-geuk

Meaning: Polar Opposite

Example: 그 여자 두분의 스타일은 극과극이야.
(geu yeo-ja-du-bun-ui seu-ta-yil-yi geukgwa-geuk-yi-ya)
The two women’s style are polar opposites.

3. 기가 막히다 Gi-ga Mak-hi-da

Meaning: To Be Jaw-dropping

Example: 그 남자는 기가 막히게 잘생겼다.
(geu nam-ja-neun gi-ga mak-hi-gae jal-saeng-gyeot-da)
That guy is jaw droppingly handsome.

4. 하필이면 Ha-pil-yi-myun

Meaning: Of All Things/Places/People/Times

Example: 하필이면 그 카페에서 전여친이랑 마주쳤어
(ha-pil-yi-myun geu ka-pe-ae-seo jeon-yeo-chin-yi-rang ma-ju-cheo-sseo)
Of all places, I ran into my ex-girlfriend at my favorite café.

5. 별걸 다 Byeol-geol da

Meaning: Everything

Example: 어린시절의 추억 중에 별걸 다 기억해요
(eo-rin-si-jeol-ui chu-eok jung-ae byeol-geol da gi-eok-hae-yo)
I remember every single memory from my younger days.

6. 하다하다 Ha-da-ha-da

Meaning: Even

Example: 비서인데 하다하다 대표님 도시락 까지 준비 해야돼?
(bi-seo-in-dae ha-da-ha-da dae-pyo-nim do-si-rak gga-ji jun-bi hae-ya-dwae)
I even have to prepare CEO’s lunch box when I am just a secretary.

7. 이왕 Yi-wang

Meaning: Since

Example: 이왕 이렇게 우리 만난 거 사이 좋게 잘 지내 보자.
(yi-wan yi-reo-gae woo-ri man-nan geo sa-yi joh-gae ji-nae bo-ja)
Since we have met like this, let’s get along well.

8. 본의 아니게 Bon-ui ah-ni-gae

Meaning: Unintentionally

Example: 본의 아니게 선배한테 반말을 했어
(bon-ui ah-ni-gae seon-bae-han-tae ban-mal-reul hae-sseo)
I unintentionally spoke informally to my senior.

9. 전문가의 손길 Jeon-mun-ga-ui Son-gil

Meaning: Expert Handiwork

Example: 이 작품은 정말 전문가의 손길이 느껴지네요.
(yi jak-poom-eun jung-mal jeon-mun-ga-ui son-gil-yi neu-ggyeo-ji-nae-yo)
You can feel the expert handiwork in this project.

10. 거기서 거기 Geo-gi-seo Geo-gi

Meaning: To Be All The Same

Example: 둘이 거기서 거기야
(dul-i geo-gi-seo geo-gi-ya)
You both are all the same.

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