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8 Top K-Beauty Brands That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of!

If you are a K-beauty addict who is always on the watch for new brands to help you achieve that Korean glass skin, then this is the article for you.

We’ve found some new K-beauty brands that you probably haven’t heard off or even tried, in hopes to help cure your skincare addiction or maybe make it worse! 

Peach & Lily

Peach and Lily was founded 7 years ago as a K-beauty retailer by Alicia Yoon.

In 2018, this k-beauty retailer decided to go a step further by curating and releasing its own beauty brand

Their best selling beauty products you have to try includes their Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask, The Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream, and their Lazy Day All in One Moisture Pad.

Then I Met You 댄아이맷유

Then I Met You is another  K-beauty brand founded by Charlotte Cho who is also the founder of Soko Glam, another k-beauty e-tailer.

Then I Met You launched only two products but their hero, The Cleansing Duo because double cleansing is a staple in a Korean skincare regime. 

By the way, if you are a Korean beauty addict and want to learn more about their check out 10 step beauty regime, click here to find out more!

The first cleanser 클렌저 is an oil cleansing 오일 클렌징 balm  – Living Cleansing Balm that comes in a bright blue and yellow jar along with a cute little spatula for scooping.

It has a solid consistency but melts as soon as it touches the skin. The oil cleansing balm helps break down the makeup, sunscreen, and oil from your face.

The second cleanser is water-based cleansing gel – Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel. The texture of the gel cleanser is a little gummier than your typical runny cleansing gel.

This cleansing gel helps remove water-based impurities such as sweat and dirt. 

Glow Recipe 글로우 레시피 

Glow Recipe is a fruit powered skincare brand that is designed to bring out your inner glow.

This k-beauty brand was founded by two former Loreal execs, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang who were sheet masking over a glass of wine when they got this idea of the Glow Recipe! 

The best-sellers 베스트 셀러 from this K-beauty brand includes Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer,  Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, and their new Pineapple-C Bright Serum!

Private Doctor

Another K-beauty brand that you have to know and try is the Private Doctor! Private Doctor was founded by Sang Hoon Park, founder of ID Hospital in South Korea.

This K-beauty brand has only released one product, the Minus serum but they’ve had a massive success 대박 with magic in the bottle. 

This skin-smoothing serum is really all you need because it targets fine lines, wrinkles 주름살, dullness, uneven texture, and areas that lack elasticity and firmness.

The Minus serum is infused with an ID.SCULPT Technology—a blend of Micro-Tingling Spicules and a patented Sodium Deoxycholate Complex—that work together to help define and firm the appearance of skin over time.

Klavuu 클라뷰

If Ariel from The Little Mermaid were to use a Korean beauty brand, she would definitely pick Klavuu.

This K-beauty brand is adding pearls into all of its products and has an entire line inspired by the ocean.

One of the best-sellers is the Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Foam a  luxurious foaming cleanser 클렌저 which does an amazing job cleaning all the gunk out of your face while leaving your skin looking super glowy!

This cleanser is made from over 30 natural oceanic plant extracts, seaweed, algae, and pearls to give you a magical underwater moment!

Thank You Farmer 땡큐파머

If you are worried about the excessive use of chemicals in beauty products these days then this K-beauty brand, Thank You Farmer, was made just for you!

This K-beauty brand promises to give your skin 피부 the benefits it needs through natural, farm-grown ingredients. 

Thank You Farmer also creates beauty products with ingredients straight out from the farm thus emphasizing the efforts of the farmers who provide the best formulation from that nature 자연 has to offer. 

The best-seller is the Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence which is a sunscreen with SPF 50.

This product is multi-functional as it can also be used as a makeup primer or a foundation 파운데이션 if you apply a heavier coat. 

Benton 벤튼 

The name Benton was taken from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” or in Korea it is known as “Benjamin Button goes backward in time”.

It may be a fictional movie about a guy getting younger by the day but honestly who doesn’t want to turn back time when it comes to our skin 피부.

Benton aims to improve the skin by using natural ingredients which, with daily use will help your skin regain its original health.

Benton’s best selling product is their Aloe BHA Skin Toner. The BHA helps remove dead skin cells by gently exfoliating while the Aloe 알로에 helps calm and hydrate the skin.

Pyunkang Yul 편강율

This K-beauty brand is developed by the renowned Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic in Korea.

This K-beauty brand believes in using fewer products and only important ingredients with little chemicals to create products with a powerful blend.

The ingredients used are gentle and safe for the skin and is also a cruelty-free brand.

The best selling product that gained a lot of attention is their Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner 에센스 토너 which is made out 91.3 percent milkvecht root extract instead of water.

After using this rich in antioxidants you’ll definitely notice an increase in your skin’s plumpness. 

Have you heard or try from any of these K-beauty brands? Let us know which brand and product is your favorite or suggest us brands for us to try!

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