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How to Introduce Yourself in Korean 한국어로 자기소개 하기

Is introducing yourself a worry if you’re soon going to be studying or working in Korea?

Well, don’t worry, here is a draft on how you can prep with your self-introduction script.

You would be able to introduce yourself perfectly by then!

But of course, if you're a beginner, you'll need to know how Hangul (Korean alphabet) works first.

*The ㅂ니다 form is more for written and formal form, whereas ㅂ니다 will be changed to (이에/예/어)요 at the ending for conversational and casual form.*

1. Name 이름

First of all, your name can’t be left out during a self-introduction (자기소개).

Example: “My name is XXX.“ / “I’m XXX.”
제 이름은 XXX 입니다. / 저는 XXX이 라고합니다.
jae yi-reum-eun xxx ib-ni-da / jeo-neun XXX-yi ra-go-hab-ni-da

2. Where You’re From 출생지

Next, introducing where or which country you are from may be optional, but it can be added as well.

Example: “I’m from XXX.“ / “I’m (Korean).“
저는 XX에서 왔습니다. / 저는 (한국인) 입니다.
jeo-neun XX-ae-seo wass-seub-ni-da / jeo-neun (han-guk-in) ib-ni-da

3. Greetings 인사

During introductions, you would usually add some greetings to make the introduction sound better.

Example: Nice to meet you.

만나서 반갑습니다.

man-na-seo ban-gab-seub-ni-da

4. Age 나이

Aging in Korea is known to be quite important due to their formality culture.

Although there are many times where girls can be seen to say a women’s age is a secret (여자의 나이는 비밀) in K-Dramas.

Example: “I’m XX years old.”



5. Occupation 직업

Another detail of yourself would be your occupation.

Occupations such as students (학생), teachers (교사), doctors (의사) and architects (건축가) are often seen in Korea.

Example: “I am a/an XXX.”

저는 XXX (이)예요.

jeo-neun XXX ib-ni-da

6. Hobby 취미

And the last thing you might want to add to check out each other's interest is what you guys like.

Many hobbies that may be noticed include music (음악), exercise (운동), vacationing (여행) and even sleeping (잠자기).

Example: “I like XX.” / “I enjoy doing XX.”

XX을/를 좋아해요. / XX(하)는 것을 좋아해요.

XX-eul/reul joh-ah-hae / XX(ha)-neun geos-eul jeul-gyeo-yo

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