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5 Unique Team Building Ideas for Your Company in Penang

Team building ideas in penang

Thinking about a good team-building idea for your company in Penang?

Company team building can be a tricky thing to plan.

It needs to be educational and beneficial for the team as a whole but also fun and entertaining.

If you are well aware of the benefits of team building for your organizations, hey kudos to you.

However, if you are not aware of the advantages of a good team building session, then we suggest reading up 6 Reasons Why Leaders Choose Team Building Ideas That Work.

Here are 5 team building ideas that you can try for your company in Penang.

1) Cooking class

Believe it or not, cooking classes are a great way for people to connect with one another.

As Penangites most of our fondest memories revolve around food, so why should this be any different.

Cooking is such an easy way for co-workers in your organisation to bond and interact with one another.

The key is to make a dish that no one has made before.

This will even the playing field and make the whole experience more interesting for the team as a whole.

A Korean meal generally has many components and side dishes but they are by no means complicated, making them the perfect cuisine to try.

The team members can either divide the task and cook different components of the meal or they can make a whole dish by themselves.

No matter how it's done, the focus should be how the team are able to relate to one another and share a bond.

Some of the dishes that you can try are Kimchi (김치) or Kimbap (김밥). Coincidently Penang Korean Class had organised a Kimbap making class last weekend.

Find more details about their workshop and future workshops here.

Planning on taking the workshop for your team building event?

Take a look and enrol here.

Team building ideas in penang 1

2) Soap making workshop

Another unique idea for team building in Penang is to take up a soap making workshop.

The process of making soap by yourself can be quite intimidating at first but it will be a lot of fun when done in a group.

Not only are your team members able to express their creative side, but this can also be a good chance for them to do some hands-on activity.

Just choosing the colour, scent and shape for their soap will create conversation.

From Sakura to charcoal and black sesame, your team will have so much fun testing and experimenting with different types of ingredients.

By the end of the day, your team will have a souvenir to remember the team building by which is another bonus.

Want to join the workshop and make your own soap?

Join a soapmaking workshop here!

Team building ideas in penang 2

3) K-Pop Dance workshop

If you have or are part of a team that sits in front of their laptop more than 9 hours a daily, day in day out, this is the ideal team building workshop for your company.

Being able to move to the beat as a group, in the long run, can help you be in sync with one another both in the office and on the dance floor.

Your team is likely to be in tune with one another.

This will definitely improve the connection between teammates and help them work better together.

Many have this perception that K-Pop dancing is only meant for the younger crowd but rest assured that anyone can try their hand on it.

Dancing will also help the team sharpen their focus and be more alert and agile, helping them improve their personal and work life.

Enrol for a Kpop Dancing class for your team building here.

Team building ideas in penang 3

4) Pottery workshop

Planning to try something completely new and different for your team building in Penang?

Try a pottery workshop!

Not only does it help you and your team have a more relaxed time but it can also help you exercise patience and focus.

Be it a simple bowl with Korean motives or a Korean Clay Pot to serve stews (찌개), pottery can be an extremely rewarding experience.

More often than not, after you've made your items, the potters will process them by trimming, glazing and firing.

This can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.

So by the end of the month, you are left with your own unique products.

Pottery is a great way for your team to express their creative side as well as help increase their resilience

Enrol your team for a pottery class here.

Team building ideas in penang4

5) Art class

Want to continue on the creative route?

You can always enrol your team for an art class!

Organizing an art-themed team building event in Penang can be a fun experience since Georgetown has many art hubs to visit and experience.

Besides that, an art class can also be a great way for your team to relax and destress.

With the stressful work environment that most of us experience, having an art class as a team building event helps the team unwind and recharge.

As a group event, you can always try painting simple elements like hanbok or sakura trees.

For a more interesting session, your team can also try blind drawing.

This, in particular, can be a great opportunity to start a conversation and make the team feel more at ease with each other.

Enquire more about the art classes here.

Team building ideas in penang5

These are some of the unique ideas that you can use for your next team building event in Penang.

Have more fun ideas?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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