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The Korean Dating Shows Craze 연애 예능 전성시대

Hands up for those watching Single’s Inferno. Who is your favorite cast and who is the one you can’t stand the most? Let’s discuss!

1. What Is It? 연애 예능은 어떤 프로그램이죠?

A Korean Dating Show is a game show (게임 쇼) that involves matchmaking (짝짓기) between the casts/ game participants (참가자). It starts with the meeting (만남) between casts who are total strangers (남) and them getting to know about each other throughout every episode.

2. The Craze 연애 예능의 전성시대

Love lives, dating (연애) and matchmaking has always been a topic (이야기) of interest (관심) for many people. Although there have been many South Korean broadcast stations (방송국) that made dating shows for many years now, but it had never really caught that much attention compared to year 2022.

3. Why Is It Famous? 우리가 남의 연애를 보는 이유

There is a possibility (가능성) that many people started to crave (탐난다) the enjoyment (즐거움) of a love life after the pandemic as it distanced (거리 뒀다) many people. Through the show, viewers can observe conflicts (갈등) between ambiguous (애매한) relationships from a third perspective. This makes the show relatable (공감할 수 있는) and burden-free while watching.

4. The New Trend 새로운 트렌드

Dating shows have actually been around for some time, but it was opposed (반대) before the recent craze started. Many believe that this is because recent dating shows feature non-celebrity (비연예인) participants instead of famous stars. It is said that this makes the viewers being more relatable.

5. Famous Old Dating Shows 유명한 옛 연애 예능 프로그램

Some of the dating shows back then include X-Men (X맨), Real Romance Love Letter (리얼 로망스 연애편지), Match Made in Heaven (천생연분), We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요). These former programs lasted for a few years except for “WGM“ which lasted for almost 10 years and even has a global edition.

6. Viral New Dating Shows 요즘 핫한 새로운 연애 예능

Some of the famous dating shows that started the dating show craze include Single’s Inferno (솔로지옥), Pink Lie (핑크라이), EXChange (환승연애), Divorced Singles (돌싱글즈). These dating shows feature non-celebrities with different themes. Some of them are between singles, some exes and some between divorced singles.

7. A Starter 스타터

One of the dating shows that can’t be missed out (빠질수 없는) if you have not watched any is definitely Single’s Inferno (솔로지옥) which features 12 hot men and women being together (같이) on an island (섬) known as “Inferno“ for 9 days. The resources on the island are scarce (부족) and it’s where viewers await the spark (불꽃) between the participants.

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