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5 Korean Beauty Standards Broken by K-Pop Idols 아름다움의 기준을 바꿔버린 케이팝 아이돌들

K-Pop and Korean culture are known for having incredibly harsh beauty standards. So when we see K-idols breaking these decade-long beauty standards and bringing an era of inclusivity, it is not only refreshing, but it also gives representation to kinds of bodies and faces in the industry. Here are 5 Korean beauty standards broken by K-pop idols!

1. Small Eyes 작은 눈

BTS’ Jimin is known for having small eyes. He’s shown fans that he’s not handsome despite them, but rather because of them! Another idol known for this is TWICE’s Dahyun (김다현). She has a pair of alluring (고혹적인) small eyes which are always as beautiful (예쁜) and shining during performances. It's a fresh take from the old beauty norms in Korea that big eyes = beauty.

2. Tanned Skin 검은 피부

TWICE’s Jihyo (지효) is known to have a darker skin tone (피부톤) which made fans questioning about the beauty standard of having light skin (밝은 피부). Jihyo has proved to fans that tanned skin is gorgeous as she always glows (빛나다) on stage whenever she has a tan. She has also spoken during interviews that she is confident (당당하다) about her skin tone.

3. Curvy Bodies S라인 몸매

Hwasa (화사) of Mamamoo is a powerhouse on stage with her beautiful curvy body. Her gorgeous (화려한) curves and her confidence in her own body is the epitome of “you do you”. She may not have the stereotypical slim body, pale flawless skin, or big eyes, but it is her unique look that makes her even more attractive.

4. Short Height 작은 키

A few idols such as Woozi (우지) of SEVENTEEN and JinHwan (진환) of iKON who stand at the height of 164cm has showed to fans that they can also perform as well as other members. Instead, they are more noticeable (눈에 띄는) among the group because of their height which has made them receive more love from fans too.

5. Mixed Race 혼혈

People with mixed race in Korea might become bullying (왕따) targets in Korea as they don’t fit in sometimes. Biracial idols such as HueningKai (휴닝카이) of TXT and Somi (소미) have also captivated the hearts of many fans. They might not be the same as Korean idols but that can be their charm (매력) too.

Here's to hoping that there are more representations in the K-Pop industry!

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