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Fun Korean Debates That Many Koreans Play 예능에서 자주 보는 밸런스 퀴즈 게임

The “Balance Game” is a norm that Koreans always play on variety shows. It is sometimes used to test the chemistry between two celebs that we ship as well. While we watch them play, we tend to answer the questions without realizing. It is a fun game to be played and here are some of the fun Korean debates that many Koreans play (also known as “The Balance Game”).

1. Never drink alcohol again, or wear the same clothing forever. 평생 술 못 마시기 / 평생 한가지 옷만 입기

2. Know how you die or when you will die. 어떻게 죽을지 알기 / 언제 죽을지 알기

3. Wash face with water used to brush teeth or brushing teeth with water used to wash face. 양치물로 세수하기 / 세숫물로 양치하기

4. Lover who wants you to show off a gift you don’t like on SNS or lover who sells the gift you gave. 마음에 안드는 선물 인증강요하는 애인 / 내가 준 선물을 파는 애인

5. Ramyeon cooked for 30 minutes or ramyeon cooked for 3 seconds. 30분 끓인 라면 / 30초 끓인 라면

6. If you have a superpower, would you rather feel fine even without sleeping or not gaining weight no matter how much you eat. 잠 안자도 멀쩡 / 많이 먹어도 살 안찜

7. Not washing hair for a week or not brushing teeth for a week. 일주일 동안 머리 안감기 / 일주일 동안 양치 안하기

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