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10 Autumn Vocabs and Example 가을 관련 어휘와 그 활용법

1. 가을 (ga-eul)

Meaning: Autumn / Fall

Example: 이제 가을이 오네요. (yi-jae ga-eul-yi o-nae-yo)

Autumn is coming soon.

2. 쌀쌀 (ssal-ssal)

Meaning: Chilly

Example: 오늘 날씨가 좀 쌀쌀하네요. (o-neul nal-ssi-ga jom ssal-ssal-ha-nae-yo)

Today’s weather is kind of chilly.

3. 환절기 (hwan-jeol-gi)

Meaning: Change of Season

Example: 다음달 부터 환절기가 시작되네요. (da-eum-dal bu-teo hwan-jeol-gi-ga si-jak-dwe-nae-yo)

It’s the change of season next month.

4. 나뭇잎 (na-mut-nip)

Meaning: Tree Leaves

Example: 가을이 오면 나뭇잎이 떨어져요. (ga-eul-yi o-myeon na-mut-nip-yi ddeol-eo-jyeo-yo)

Tree leaves are starting to fall as autumn arrives.

5. 할로윈 (hal-lo-win)

Meaning: Halloween

Example: 할로윈데이에 뭐해요? (hal-lo-win-dae-yi–ae mwo-hae-yo)

What are you doing on Halloween?

6. 감기 (gam-gi)

Meaning: Catch a cold

Example: 요새 추우니까, 감기 조심해요. (yo-sae chu-wu-ni-gga gam-gi jo-sim-hae-yo)

Be careful to not catch a cold as it’s cold these days.

7. 시원 (si-won)

Meaning: Cool (weather)

Example: 날씨가 참 시원해요. (nal-ssi-ga cham si-won-hae-yo)

The weather is quite cool.

8. 바람 (ba-ram)

Meaning: Wind

Example: 바람이 부는 소리가 들려요. (ba-ram-yi bu-neun so-ri-ga deul-ryeo-yo)

I can hear the sound of the wind blowing.

9. 추석 (chu-seok)

Meaning: Korean Thanksgiving Day

Example: 추석날엔 가족들이 모아요. (chu-seok-nal-aen ga-jok-deul-yi mo-a-yo)

Family gathers on the Korean Thanksgiving Day.

10. 긴팔옷 (gin-pal-ot)

Meaning: Long-sleeved clothes

Example: 이제 좀 추워서 긴팔옷 사야지~ (yi-jae jom chu-wo-seo gin-pal-ot sa-ya-ji)

I should buy some long-sleeved clothes since it’s getting cold.

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