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About Me

Hi, I am Eunhae(a.k.a Ene) from South Korea, currently pursuing Master degree in teaching Korean to foreigners.
I have years of tutoring Korean as a foreign language at an online based community and Changwon Support Center for Foreign Workers.

Teacher Type


Professional teachers are certified or experienced in teaching a language as a foreign or second language. Or community teachers who have been teaching for more than 2000hrs.

Community teachers are native or near-native speaker who enjoys a conversation and teaching informally.

My Practice Style

1. Beginner: I do not speak any Korean. (5 lessons)

▶ Introductions to Hangeul including vowels(모음), consonants(자음), final consonants(받침), and syllable structures(음절 구조) - 3 lessons
▶ Greetings and Introducing- 1 lesson
1) Saying 'Hello(안녕하세요)', 'Goodbye(안녕히 가세요)', and 'Nice to meet you(만나서 반갑습니다)'
2) Introducing your name, nationality, and occupation(저는 ~이에요/예요)
▶ Basic and classroom expressions in Korean - 1 lesson
1) Saying 'Thank you(감사합니다/고맙습니다)', 'I'm sorry(죄송합니다/미안합니다)', 'Have a good weekend(주말 잘 보내세요)'...
2) Classroom Korean: 'Listen carefully(잘 들어 보세요)', 'Repeat after me(따라 하세요), 'I have a question(질문이 있어요)...


2. Elementary: I know Hangeul and can understand a few things in Korean. (10 lessons)
▶ Basic verbs and adjectives with present, past, and future tense - 3 lessons
1) Present tense: A/V-아요/어요/여요(해요)
2) Past tense: A/V-았어요/었어요/였어요(했어요)
3) Future tense: V-(으)ㄹ 거예요, A/V-겠-
▶ Making negatives: 안/-지 않다, 못 - 1 lesson
▶ Expressions with essential particles - 5 lessons
1) Topic particle(은/는): 저는 대학생이에요.
2) Subject particle(이/가): 전화번호가 뭐예요?
3) Possessive particle(의): 다니엘 씨의 책이에요.
4) Object particle(을/를): 김치를 좋아해요.
5) Location particle(에/에서): 학교에 가요 / 커피숍에서 친구를 만나요
▶ Counting numbers, telling the time/days/months - 1 lesson
1) Chinese numbers: 일, 이, 삼...
2) Korean numbers: 하나, 둘, 셋...


3. Pre-Intermediate: I can communicate simply and understand in familiar situations. (10 lessons)
▶ Honorific expressions - 1 lesson

1) Words: 연세, 성함, 생신... / 주무시다, 드시다, 돌아가시다...
2) Particles: 께, 께서 / -(으)시
3) Endings: -(으)세요 / -습니다, -ㅂ니다 / 습니까?, -ㅂ니까?

▶ Irregular verbs and adjectives('ㄷ', 'ㅂ', 'ㅅ', '르' 불규칙 / 'ㄹ', '으' 탈락) - 1 lesson
▶ Expressions with connective endings(-고, -아서/어서, -는데/(으)ㄴ데...) - 1 lesson for each ending
▶ Other particles: 에게, 한테, (으)로, 부터, 까지, 만, 도, 와/과... - 1 lesson for each particle
▶ Describing feelings: 기쁘다, 우울하다, 화가 나다... - 1 lesson
▶ Suggesting and making promises: -(으)ㄹ까요? - 1 lesson
▶ Negative commands: -지 마세요 - 1 lesson


4. Intermediate: I can speak and understand reasonably well but have problems with more complex grammar and vocabulary. (10 lessons)
▶ You learn various grammars and expressions (below are examples) - 1 lesson for each theme

1) Availability: -을 수 있다/없다
2) Invitation: -을래요?
3) Experience: -은 적이 있다
4) Intention: -으려고 하다
5) Suggestion: -는 게 어때요?
6) Guess: -을 것 같다
7) Condition: -으면
8) Reason: -거든요, -기 때문에
9) Permission: -어도 되다
10) Informal: 반말


5. Upper-Intermediate: I can communicate without much difficulty. (8-16 lessons)
▶ You learn Korean with advanced level of themes (below are examples) - 1 lesson for each theme

1) Personal relationship (대인관계)
2) Personality (성격)
3) Making a refund (환불)
4) Finding jobs (취업)
5) Korean holidays (전통 명절)
6) Internet and smartphone (인터넷과 스마트폰)
7) Trouble counseling (고민과 상담)
8) Real estate (부동산)


6. Advanced: I speak and understand very well. (8-16 lessons)
▶ You choose your own topic for class either from formal articles, newspapers and journals.
▶ You will be able to understand and talk about Korean economics, politics, business, culture, etc.
▶ You learn Korean with advanced level of themes (below are examples) - 1 lesson for each theme

1) Cultural heritage (문화유산)
2) Science in daily life (생활 속의 과학)
3) Changes in family (가족의 변화)
4) Globalization (국제화 시대)
5) Diseases and health (질병과 건강)
6) Education policy (교육 정책)
7) Election and voting (선거와 투표)
8) Protecting environment (환경 보호)

Level Coverage

Seed (Beginner 1), Sprout (Beginner 2), Survival (Intermediate), Solid (Pre-Advanced), Significant (Advanced), Significant Plus (Further Advanced)

Conversation Topic

Entertainment, Food & Dining, Travel

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Meeting Method



Online (30 minutes): US$12
Online (50 minutes): US$20
At Local Currency Rate
$12.00 / session

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