Korean with Peggy W.
Living in Pulau Pinang,
Teaches: Korean
Lesson Type: Online
Speaks: Bahasa Melayu, Korean, English, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese)
Usually available on Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun
Rate starts from US$8 or
  $8.00 / session

About Me

Hi I am Peggy Wong, currently living in Penang Malaysia. I was graduated from Korea University in Seoul, and worked in a well known Korean MNC in Seoul for two years, summing up total of 7 years of experience staying in Korea. I started to learn the Korean Language from scratch and I know exactly what kind of support every student needs for different level of proficiency. With my experiences in Korea cooperate world, I can conduct both casual and business conversation based on your needs πŸ™‚

Teacher Type


Professional teachers are certified or experienced in teaching a language as a foreign or second language. Or community teachers who have been teaching for more than 2000hrs.

Community teachers are native or near-native speaker who enjoys a conversation and teaching informally.

My Practice Style

Understand the learning goal and needs, access the level of students and then will generate role plays to help students to practise their Korean language in different situations.

Level Coverage

Seed (Beginner 1), Sprout (Beginner 2), Survival (Intermediate), Solid (Pre-Advanced)

Conversation Topic

Business, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Dining, Free Flow, Health & Wellness, Test Preparation, Travel

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Meeting Method



Online (30 minutes): US$8
Online (50 minutes): US$14
Onsite (50 minutes): US$20
At Local Currency Rate
$8.00 / session

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