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Lead people to use new skills with activities you love

What is uBitto Experience?

uBitto Experience is activity that allows learners to practise their skills beyond the typical class or conversational sessions, designed and led by unique individuals or companies all over the world.
True experience and knowledge can only be gained by being out in the real-world, interacting with locals, immersing yourself in the culture and challenging oneself through active learning.
Experience completes the learning journey of Learn, Practice, Experience – uBitto’s learning principles.

Leisure Activities

For passionate learners to practise what they’ve learnt through meaningful hands-on activities.

Career Opportunities

For learners to get connected with legitimate internship or job opportunities, relevant to their acquired skillsets.

Show your expertise while helping them improve

We welcome experiences, but not just experiences of every kind. We are looking for experiences with learning elements involved, featuring activities which can help learners use their skills – be it language, school subjects or hard skills.

Why be an Experience Maker

1. Create an activity you want to do

You have full freedom to design or create any unique activities you want to share. Food tour entirely in Japanese, shopping and bargaining in Thai language with a guide, anything!

2. Useful tools tailored for you

Easy scheduling and booking tool, seamless payment and payout process. Some of the things allowing you to focus solely on providing the best experience.

3. Get paid doing what you love

Earn money without it feeling like a job. Maximise your earning as our learners are global. Create your profile and earn every time a learner books you.

How to get started

1. Learn about Experience

Make sure the experience you’re about to list meets our standard of expertise. Go through the checklist of what needs to be prepared and the steps needed to be taken.



Be An Experience Maker

We’re excited to grow with you! Start creating your first Experience listing and enjoy multiple perks!

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