We help learners master language the right way.

Learning a new language should be three things: simple, accurate and balanced.

uBitto helps learner achieve fluency in a simple and direct way – by having easy access to native validation and opportunity to use the language. But our larger purpose expands beyond that. We’re here to help learners learn what they want, the way they want. 

What we do

As a company founded by language teachers, imbalanced learning is a pressing issue. For example, a learner can read very well, but could not speak. Some can speak very well but might be lacking in vocabulary. Eventually, learner’s passion will fade as imbalanced learning leads to lack of progress.

Hence, uBitto does not provide a one-size-fits-all plan for your language journey. We recognised the fact that everyone learns differently and has different strengths and weaknesses. We are here to ensure that your Korean language journey is balanced and most importantly, delivers results.

Self-Paced Learning

Who is this for:

Busy working adults or students who are comfortable to learn at their own pace with our exclusively designed structured curriculum. Each lesson comes together with interactive quizzes or exercises to test your understanding at the end of the lesson.

How it works:

Upon subscription of a paid membership, you will get access to all the videos in a course for you to watch anytime. With each lesson, there will be assignments.

How are you validated:

Assignments submitted will be validated by instructor or qualified uBitto Crew. There will be interactive quizzes which provide real-time validation too.

How to join:

Sign up to be an Ultimate member to get access to ALL self-paced courses content and premium community groups.

The leadership team

From content experts, to our programmers, to our executive leadership team — we’ve put together a team of pioneers. We’re the same core team who drives Penang Korean Class, leading Korean language studio in Malaysia.

Yoon Jung Hyun (Rohan)
CEO and Managing Director

Rohan is the founder and principal of Korean language studio, Penang Korean Class. He has a double degree in Mechanical and Bio-Mechanical Engineering from Kyung Hee University, Korea. The main force and strategist at uBitto.

Jennifer Lee
Business Development Manager

Jennifer oversees and administers all of uBitto's financial, people and ops functions. Jennifer holds a Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management and Bachelor Degree in Business Information System.

Lee Pay Leng
Marketing and Design Lead

Having architected and built the marketing division of Penang Korean Class and uBitto, Pay Leng is responsible in all sales and marketing efforts of uBitto. She has a B.A in Communications from Northumbria University.

Joseph Lim
Business Advisor

As an IT director in an MNC, Joseph provide guidance and direction to the tech team. He is very passionate in people transformation, leading the Culture Change of Possibility Thinking in IT Malaysia.

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