Korean Seed/Sprout Level 1

12 Compact Korean Language Lessons for Beginners, by Yoon Ssam.


Sprout Level 1 for Beginner  is a 12-week beginner lesson series designed for those who have not learnt Korean before (gotten Seed Level in Challenge Your Knowledge quiz). It consists of 12 video series of Sprout Level 1 Live Class. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace by watching both teaching and learners’ interaction through the recorded sessions.

As long as you put in enough hours to complete the practices, you will have no problem following the lessons and building a strong core foundation in Korean language at the end of 12 weeks.

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Who is this for?

Want to begin your Korean language journey

This course is designed for total beginners. Strong emphasis on pronunciation and building a strong foundation.

Want to learn a language effectively

You'll learn how to better study effectively based on LEVS GRW concept and how to supplement your learning journey with real activities.

Not sure if this is your level?

Learning Support

One of the best things about taking this course is that you’ll never be alone! Be supported personally by your instructor and other passionate learners.

The ULTIMATE Korean Language Adventure!

Get access to Sprout Level 1, 2 and 3 at an exclusive rate! By the end of this course, you would've been able to conduct simple conversations with native and build a strong language foundation!

About Your Instructor

Yoon Jung Hyun (Yoon Ssam) is the founder of uBitto and principal teacher of Penang Korean Class. As an experienced Korean language teacher of close to 10 years, he has extensive experience teaching Hangeul to learners of all age groups – ranging from 10-65 years. Best known for his unique teaching methods – incorporating active learning and participation as well as bringing learning out from the classroom.

Yoon Jung Hyun

(Yoon Ssam)


100% Money Back Guarantee

In case you’re hesitating, consider our 100% guarantee for this course. If you find that it hasn’t met your expectations, simply drop us a note within 7 days and we’ll refund your entire course.

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Yoon Ssam

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  • 13 Lessons
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Posted 5 months ago
Active Social Media Post

I enjoy the way Yoon Ssam teach and being active on social media posting Korean language and culture content really help us to learn new vocabs.

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Posted 1 year ago
Never boring with Yoon Ssam

I sign up for the complete virtual learning. Don't think that you are on virtual class Yoon Ssam does not know you. He is aware of your progress and where your strength and weaknesses lies. I enjoyed the classes very much and it's really making learning exciting and fun. Gonna go for Level 2 when I am done with Level 1

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Posted 2 years ago
Interesting and engaging class

I would like to say that Yoon Ssam’s class allow me to learn a lot about Korean language, his class is always interesting and fun, I would like to thank Ssam for teaching me for the past 10 months. It is the best experience ever! 감사합니다!

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Posted 2 years ago
Highly recommend learning with Yoon Ssam

I would like to recommend YoonSsam Korean class.. I’ve been learning for almost one year with YoonSsam. He is a very good, fun and interesting Korean teacher. He use his heart to teach every students. During the lesson, I was a person who was unable to speak in a fluent or even couldn’t construct a good Korean sentences. Now I’m able to listen songs and watch movies with less sub-title needed.

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Posted 2 years ago
Thank you Ssam!

If you want to have an interactive and non boring Korean class, Yoon Ssam class is the best choice to go with it. Almost 2 years with the class and never feel boring. It is suitable for working group to learn a language in a leisure and comfortable way. From a zero knowledge person to now can build sentence in Korean language, thanks to Yoon Ssam. 쌤, 거의 2년 동안 진짜 감사합니다. 저는 한국어를 계속 열심히 배워요...

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Posted 2 years ago
Strong teaching passion

From having zero background till being able to recognise Korean words in few weeks, this is really awesome! Ssam is not a textbook teacher, he will find out what is the easiest way for us to learn. Any activities that could help us to improve and get in touch. I'm 200% Salute on his teaching passion! I have never met a teacher like you, Yoon Ssam! 감사합니다!

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Posted 2 years ago
Lessons are not typical by-the-book style

Mr Yoon is a very experienced and talented language teacher. He knows which way works the best for student to learn a new language efficiently. His class is interactive and fun, not typical “go by the book” style, I have never once feel sleepy or tired in the class even though im learning after work. A really cool teacher! 감사합 니다!

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Hoong Yip
Posted 2 years ago
More than language learning

I like the pace of each weekly class. It gave me plenty of time to revise and master a topic. Ssam always try to make the lessons more fun, interesting and enjoyable for the students. Aside from learning the language, we also get to learn about the Korean culture. Highly recommend to those who are interested in learning Korean!

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