Fun Korean For Elementary Children

Designed to make Korean language learning light and fun!


Fun Korean For Elementary Children (Junior Learners)

Why Learn Korean?

Did you know that Korean is considered a “critical language”? Critical language is a term used to describe languages where there is large demand for language professionals but little supply. We believe the earlier children learn Korean, the better positioned they will be for the future!

Korean is still not a widely taught language (as compared to English, Mandarin, Spanish etc). Because of this, there will always be a shortage of talents who can speak Korean. Learning Korean connects your child to greater opportunities in a 21st century global environment.

My child can just speak English. 

While South Korea is a modernised country with one of the world’s largest and most innovative economies, it remains a deeply traditional country where knowledge of Korean language and culture is a huge advantage to anyone interested in a future in the region.

Koreans highly value trust and interpersonal bonds – this is why local language is particularly valuable. Are you preparing your child for a brighter future with stronger opportunities?

Learning Korean on uBitto

All language instructors on uBitto and their respective syllabus are vetted and reviewed to ensure quality teaching that is age-appropriate. The teaching style will also reflect uBitto’s value of active learning and participation.

It is also on uBitto where you can keep track of your child’s progress through updates shared on Community Group. 

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Who is this for?

Junior learners

This program is designed to make Korean language learning light, fun and understandable through interactive hands-on activities.

When and how long is each session?

What language will be used?

Teacher Ene is a native Korean instructor – fluent in both English and Korean (watch video to assess). She has a Master’s Degree in teaching Korean as a Foreign Language. 

How will the class be conducted?

Classes are dynamic LIVE CLASS via Zoom – this is not a self-study course nor is it module based learning.  Our interactive Zoom classes are designed for young Korean learners.

Your investment

The class is priced at US$65 / month. You can choose to pay monthly or 3-month subscription. Rate is not including textbooks (set of 5), priced at US$48, not inclusive shipping.

What will they learn

All children will be taught the Korean alphabet system (Hangul), pronunciation and basic conversational usages such as greetings, and self-introduction using methods that are appropriate to their age.

Classes will utilise enriched-play method, using songs and games which makes Korean language learning fun and hands-on. Through a creative curriculum, this program will help children develop Korean language skills as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Children will explore colours, counting, family, body parts, animals and simple phrases.

Some of the goal achievements:

  • I can say hello and goodbye to peers and elders.
  • I can tell someone my name and ask someone’s name.
  • I can state my age and where I live.
  • I can recite pure Korean (1-10) and Sino Korean numbers.
  • I can ask how much something and be able to understand prices.
  • I can respond to yes/no questions.
  • I can ask someone questions about where they live, what school they go to and what they like and dislike.

Most importantly, we want to cultivate a passion for language learning and an appreciation for culture and history based on activity based learning.

About Your Instructor

Hi, I am Eunhae (a.k.a Ene) from South Korea, currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in teaching Korean to foreigners. I have years of tutoring Korean as a foreign language at an online based community and Changwon Support Center for Foreign Workers. I am certified by the South Korean Government to teach Korean as a foreign language.

I am flexible in my teaching and will adjust my teaching style based on my learners – be it for children, teenagers, university students or professional adults. I look forward to introducing your child to Korean language!

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