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5 Weird Korean Debates Part I 핫한 깻잎 논쟁, 당신의 선택은?

There has been some fun debates getting trendy on the Korean social media.

These debates were mostly created by celebrities through variety shows and stirred up the viewers curiosity.

Here are some of the weird debates related to what your lover does that are trending right now.

1. The Perilla Leaf Debate 깻잎

Your lover holds down the perilla leaf for your friend.

애인이 친구의 깻잎을 눌러준다 / 친구가 애인의 깻잎을 눌러준다

Do you think it is appropriate for your significant other to help someone else (or vice versa) by separating their perilla leaves, which often get stuck together?

2. Steak Debate 스테이크

Cutting steak for a friend of the opposite gender.

애인이 친구의 스테이크를 썰어준다.

Your friend, your lover and you are having dinner together at a steak house.

Your friend seems to have difficulty in cutting her steak.

Your lover proceeds to help. Do you think this is acceptable?

3. House Debate 집에서

Friend’s things found in your lover’s house.

애인의 집에서 친구의 옷이나 화장품같은 소지품을 발견한다.

What happens if you go over to your lover’s house and found something that belongs to your friend such as their lipstick or clothes.

What will you do in the situation?

4. Padded Jacket Debate 패딩 재킷

Lover helping your friend zipping up a padded jacket. 애인이 친구의 패딩 재킷의 지퍼를 올려준다.

In a recent episode of running man, the members and guests debated over the situation where your lover helps your friend zip up the padded jacket as something is wrong with the zipper.

5. Shrimp Shells Debate 새우 껍대기

Lover peeling shrimp shells for your friend of opposite gender.

애인이 새우 껍대기를 까서 친구한테 준다.

This debate started from the EXO members which is about your lover peeling the shrimp shells for your friend.

It may just be out of kindness and to let everyone enjoy the meal but do you think the situation is acceptable.

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