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The National Titles Given To Artists In Korea 국민이라는 이름이 주어진 연예인들

South Korea is indeed home to so much incredible talent! The nation is certainly taking pride in them and often give them titles to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions in putting South Korea on the world’s pedestal. Here are 8 Korean celebrities with national titles!

1. Nation’s Girl Group 국민 걸그룹 – Girls' Generation

The girl group Girls' Generation (소녀시대) will forever have a place in the hearts (마음) of Koreans. There have since been many popular (유명) girl groups that have gained massive success (성공) over the years, but many Koreans will always think of Girls' Generation first when they think of K-pop girl groups.

2. Nation’s Thief 국민 도독 – Rain

After marrying Kim Tae-hee (김태희), this idol was hilariously (재미있는) awarded the title of The Nation’s Thief after stealing (훔치다) the heart of Koreans beloved goddess, Kim Tae-hee. They are one of the industry’s power couples.

3. Nation’s Fairy 국민 요정 – Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori (이효리) was dubbed as the Nation’s Fairy during her Family Outing (패밀리가 떴다) days. She was considered number one in terms of popularity (인기), earnings (수입), beauty (미모) and no one could surpass her.

4. Nation’s MC 국민 MC – Yoo Jae Suk

When you ask a Korean who the Nation's MC is, everyone will answer Yoo Jae-suk in unison (조화) without doubt. Since his debut, he has received no negative press (부정적인 언론) and is respected by many as he's always known to be polite (공손) and well-mannered.

5. Living National Treasures 5대 국보

The National Treasures of Korea are not limited to cultural and historical (역사적) properties only, but is also given to important figures (인물) in various industries that have set new records (기록) in Korean history such as BTS (방탄소년단), Bong Joon-ho (봉준호), Son Heung-min (손흥민), Kim Yuna (김연아) and Faker.

6. The 4 National Diamonds 4대 공공재

The four of the most handsome and warm-hearted actors in Korea have been widely treasured (소중히) like diamonds. These four people are Hyun Bin (현빈), Gong Yoo (공유), So Ji-sub (소지섭) and Gang Dong-won (강동원). They are not only just popular but they are highly respected in Korea.

7. Nations Little Sister 국민 여동생

IU (아이유) has had the image of the girl-next-door that's cute (귀여운), pure and kind for many years. With her undeniable charm (매력), IU was given the title Nation's Younger Sister. There are also many other celebrities with the title of the Nation's Sister such as Park Bo-young (박보영), and Kim So-hyun (김소현).

8. Nations First Love 국민 첫사랑

Suzy (수지) who played a role in Architecture 101 (건축학개론) which tells a touching (감동) story about first loves made her stuck to this title for 10 years now and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Even if Suzy did many other gigs, she still gives off the ‘first love’ image (영상).

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