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Why Are There Many Cafes in South Korea?

Ever wondered why there are new cafes opening every other month in South Korea? Keep reading to find out why are there many cafes in South Korea!

1. Koreans are the largest coffee consumer


If you don't know by now already, Koreans are the largest coffee consumers in Asia. Why? Probably the need for caffeine due to their long working and studying hours.

Besides coffee, Korean cafes serve drinks that cater to people who are not coffee-drinkers as well. They have various fruit concoctions, chocolate-based drinks and many other drinks that you can think of.


2. Social Hangout Spot to Relax

Cafes in Korea are known for being a social hangout spot rather than a place to buy and drink coffee. (although both go hand in hand).

In South Korea, there is a lack of outdoor hangout spot that typically should exist in cities, hence cafe becomes an important place.

Besides, most youths in Korea live with their families until their mid-20s or even older, and cafes help them escape their homes.

It is from this situations, the idea of cafes have sprung up. Furthermore, dating in Korea is also taken seriously. If you have ever been to cafes, you would have noticed that there are always couples in the cafe having a good time.

The fact that it can get hard for couples to have privacy while dating, hence the popularity of cafes has increased as it is a place that couples can enjoy apart from family and friends.


3. Cafe culture

Moreover, cafe culture has quickly become a huge thing in South Korea. People do not only visit cafes to have a cup of coffee or desserts but many enjoy going to cafes that have special themes and interiors.

There are animal cafes that have animals such as dogs, cats, birds, tortoise, raccoons, and sheep.

Besides they also have study cafe, book cafes, comic cafes, origami cafes, board game cafe, handcrafting cafe, and the list goes on and on.

As much as Koreans love coffee, they also care about the looks and feels of the cafe and many cafes are striving for individualism and art.


4. Dessert hunting


If you have eaten in Korean restaurants, you may have realized that they serve mostly main course meals. They lack a three-course meal structure in Korea.

Koreans usually meet up with their friends to have lunch or dinner at a Korean food place then move to a cafe. Many Korean restaurants do not have dessert menus because dessert is not given in Korean cuisine or Koreans do not have this habit.


Have you been to any cafes in South Korea before? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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