History Of Korea’s Most Popular Ramyun Brands

History Of Korea’s Most Popular Ramyun Brands

If there’s one thing that Koreans love, it’s ramyun! (라면) There are so many ramyun brands that Korea has to offer and they are available at every convenience store (편의점) or supermarket (수퍼마켓) in Korea. But of course, every brand has its own story!

1. Nongshim  (농심)

On September 18, 1965, Nongshim was established under the name Lotte Food Industrial Company in Seoul, South Korea by Shin Choon Ho. Nongshim introduced its first ramyun, Lotte Ramyun in the same year. There are more than 40 brands of ramyuns produced by Nongshim, including Korea’s most popular ramyun brand Shin Ramyun (신라면).

2. Ottogi (오뚜기)

Everyone’s favourite Jin Ramen is from Ottogi. Founded in May 1969, Ottogi’s first product was Ottogi Curry (powder curry) and it was the first Korean made curry product. Ottogi also manufactures soup, ketchup and mayonnaise. Besides ramen, Ottogi has products such as seasoning, sauce, dehydrated food, fish, livestock products, spices and tea. Their main products are Ottogi Curry (오뚜기 카레), Ottogi Tomato Ketchup (오뚜기 케찹), Jin Ramen (진라면) and Ottogi Frozen Pizza (오뚜기 냉동 피자).

3. Paldo (팔도)

On September 1983 the Incheon ramen factory was completed and Paldo started making their own ramen products. Its parent company : Korea Yakult (야쿠르트) Corporation created Paldo as part of their strategy to diversify its business and create ramen. This was how Paldo came into being. In 2012, Paldo has then separated the ramen business, beverage business, overseas business and distribution business from its parent company and is making its first step as an independent subsidiary.

4. Samyang (삼양)

Samyang Food was founded in September 15, 1961 by Jeon Jung Yoon. In 1963, Samyang Food debuted the first Korean instant noodle. The company is now placed third to fourth in the instant noodle market of Korea. Samyang Food started exporting their products, increasing the company’s profits. Recently, the company took over several restaurant chains to expand into the food service industry (불닭 볶음면 시리즈).

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