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10 Random And Cool Korean Facts To Know 니가 한국을 알아? 과연 그럴까?!

Every country has their own unique culture and random things they do. There are often many lines or scenes in K-Dramas where we don't really understand. Are there anything you realized after visiting or living in Korea? Here are 10 random and cool facts about Korea and what the people do that you should know.

1. Asking about Blood Types 혈액형 물어보기

In South Korea, asking about blood types (혈액형) to people you just started knowing is quite a common (흔한) thing. People in Korea has the belief that blood types is something that shows one’s personality (성격) and their characteristics (특징). It is also said that blood types can be used to help in choosing (고르다) your spouse (배우자) as his or her blood type may not be a good match with oneself.

2. Plastic Surgery 성형 수술

In many countries, having plastic surgery may let many people frown and despise those who did it. However, it is totally normal (정상) in South Korea. Many parents of pre-university students actually do encourage (부추기다) them to get the surgery done and even pay for the surgery fees. It is also quite affordable to have plastic surgery done in South Korea than in other countries.

3. Drinking Wherever 아주 관대한 술문화

There are actually many regulations (규정) in other countries besides in South Korea that you can’t drink anywhere. In South Korea, you can drink wherever you want, be it on a bus or in the middle of the street (거리). Nobody will criticize you for doing so. However, it is also crucial to not drink till you pass out if it’s your first time drinking there by yourself.

4. Makeup Obsession 화장은 필수

As one of the countries that is most famous in makeup (화장) and one of the makeup capitals in the world, people in South Korea are very in love with makeup, both men and women. There is also no stigma (주저함) for men who wear makeup in South Korea. Makeup is a necessity (필수) for Korean people, and they even wear makeup just to get their recycles (재활용품) sorted out.

5. Samsung is Everywhere 어디에나 있는 삼성

To many people all around the world, Apple is very much welcomed (환영 받다). However, Samsung, which is from Korea is more popular in South Korea. Many people in Korea prefer to use Samsung as the features inside are quite interesting and fun (재밌다). Samsung is actually the largest conglomerate (대기업) in South Korea as well.

6. Floor Heating 바닥 난방

Houses in Korea usually comes with a unique system different from other countries called “ondol“(온돌). The floors of houses in South Korea are heated through pipes that were built underneath the floor. This system actually means that your feet will always be warm (따뜻하다) during cold mornings (추운 아침) or winter seasons (겨울철). That also explains why many Koreans sit on the floor more often during winter.

7. Extremely Fast Internet 미친듯이 빠른 인터넷

Many of us have definitely experienced (경험) slow internet that makes you crazily frustrated, be it from the internet service provided having issues or places without signal (신호). South Korea is said to have the fastest internet connection speed on average (평균). If you hate slow internet and happen to get a visit to South Korea, do stop by an internet cafe to experience the feeling of having super-fast internet.

8. Spam Gifts 스팸 선물 세트

Sometime after the Korean War (전쟁), Koreans would barter (물물 교환) with the American troops for the canned delight and came up with the army stew (부대 찌개) delicacy. Spam (스팸) is often given to people during Chuseok (추석) which is the Korean Thanksgiving Day. If you happen to visit a grocery in South Korea around fall (가을), you will be sure to see the deluxe spam gift sets fully stocked on the shelves.

9. Asia’s Largest Drinkers 술을 제일 마시는 나라

Koreans are known to always go hard on things they want to try, including spicy food (매운 음식) and drinking. South Korea is known to have a strong drinking culture (음주 문화) where lots of gatherings (모임) and celebrations (축하) are celebrated with alcohol. It is the country with the top alcohol consuming (소비) rate. If you had a night out drinking till you’re wasted, you can just find any hangover (숙취) cures anywhere.

10. Born A Year Old 태어나면 바로 한 살

Babies that are newly born in South Korea are automatically one year old during their birth. An explanation (설명) said that it was because the baby has already been in the mother’s womb (자궁) for nine months which is almost equivalent to one year. You can just take the current year and minus your birth year then add 1 and you will get your Korean age (한국 나이).

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