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5 Tips To Sound Natural When Speaking Korean 이 문법 죽어라 연습하면 한국 사람처럼 말할 수 있다

Ever thought of speaking fluently like a local? Here are some Korean grammars that will make you sound more natural!

1. ~는 것 같다 (neun geot gat-da)

This phrase can be used to express your opinions, predictions, observations or feelings.

Example: 이건 좀 아닌 것 같아요. (yi-geon jom a-nin geot gat-ah-yo)

I don’t feel like this is a right thing to do.

2. ~더 (deo)

There are many sentences where the word 더 (deo) has been seen connected with other vocabs such as ~더니 (deo-ni), ~더라 (deo-ra) and ~더라고 (deo-ra-go). This denotes the experience of the speaker by implying direct involvement or participation. It is very useful if you are trying to describe an experience.

Example: 그 치마가 예쁜데 비싸더라고요. (geu chi-ma-ga ye-bbeun-dae bi-ssa-deo-ra-go-yo)

The dress was pretty, but it was too expensive.

3. 뭐랄까? / 있잖아 (mwo-ral-gga / it-janh-a)

These grammars are actually filler words that you can add into your sentences while speaking to someone. It does not mean much but it’s used to convey a certain mood. 뭐랄까? (mwo-ral-gga) “means how do I put it” while 있잖아 (it-janh-a) is like “You know… (this happened)“

Example: 있잖아… 나 어제 네 전여친 마주쳤다. (it-janh-a… na eo-jae ni jeon-yeo-chin ma-ju-cheot-da)

You know… I actually ran into your girlfriend yesterday.

4. 보다 (bo-da)

보다 (bo-da) is used to make comparisons between two things. It is also mostly used based on your own opinions.

Example: 이 바지보다, 그 치마가 더 좋아. (yi ba-ji-bo-da, geu chi-ma-ga deo joh-da)

Compared to this pair of pants, I like that skirt more.

5. 제일 (jae-il)

This phrase stands for most, such as liking or hating something the most. It is also somehow like a comparison but between a few things instead of just two.

Example: 비빔밥, 볶음밥이랑 김밥중에, 김밥 제일 좋아. (bi-bim-bap, bokk-eum-bap-yi-rang gim-bap-joong-ae, gim-bap jae-il joh-ah)

Between bibimbap, fried rice and Gimbap, I like Gimbap the most.

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