Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

Online learning is a prevalent option these days, and the many online tools that are now available have created a new way of learning languages.

But is online learning worthwhile? Check out the pros and cons of online learning and decide if it’s right for you.


1. Convenience

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 1

You can totally eliminate your travel time to and from lessons by learning from the comfort of your own home or wherever that works for you. That means you don’t have to go through rush hours and you get to save the cost of travelling.

2. Improve Computer Skills

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 2

If you’re the type who prefer studying using technology then online learning is perfect for you. Conversely, if you’re not familiar with technology, it’s totally fine because you’ll get to learn how to use it and eventually be comfortable with online learning.


3. More Interactive

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 3

Most online programs have established unique and innovative teaching techniques, such as using audio files and videos to teach and administer quizzes. So, if you find lessons taught straight from textbooks tedious, online learning will be perfect for you.

Also, it opens up a lot of opportunity for varied conversations since most language learning courses are conducted collaboratively. You can converse with people around the world and get exposure as well as learn from different types of speakers easily instead of your tutor only.

4. Opportunities for Learners with Obligations

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 4

Naturally, if you have children or elderly parents to look after, you’ll find it hard to drop everything and attend lessons in person. So, this would be the perfect alternative if you have obligations. Also, this method of learning will be helpful if you’re weighed down with physical challenges.


5. Individualised Learning

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 5

Through online learning you can learn in a way that benefits you. When you learn independently you have more opportunity to adjust how you study based on your learning preferences. Ultimately, online learning can help harness your strengths and minimize weaknesses.

6. Replay Missed Lessons

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 6

Most of the online lessons are recorded, so if you missed a lesson you can always replay the recording of the previous lessons. You can also can go back over to previous lessons as many times as needed, without the need to take lots of notes during the lesson itself.


1. Requires Personal Discipline 

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 7

Staying motivated can be challenging if you’re learning online because the free form nature of online lessons means that you need to be organised and manage your time well. Since it’s unlikely that you need to fulfil specific tasks in a short amount of time, it’s also up to you when to study and how much.

You can create a schedule and structure that will work for you, to ensure that you can balance your academic, personal and professional life. You can also find an online learning program that provides you with weekly assignments to help you stay motivated.

2. Requires Good Tech Skills

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 8

Online learning requires you to understand online technology. It’s not just about knowing how to start your computer and getting to the site. without the skills, online learning can be stressful.

If you still want to opt for online learning, you can learn how to navigate around the screen and explore the features during your free time so that you can familiarise with the functions.

3. Possibility of Distractions

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 9

When you’re learning online, be sure that there will be no disturbances. It could be noise from your children, people moving around, friends who want to say hi or you may easily stop paying attention. Bottom-line, the environment is so tempting that without discipline you may lose track of your goal.

4. Internet Connection Problems

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning 10

When there’s a problem with your internet system, online learning is impossible. There’s nothing you can do. Slow connections are even worse, so be sure that you have good internet connection if you’re planning to learn online.


Both traditional and online language training have their benefits and drawbacks. The best possible scenario is probably a mix of both plus some standardised language classes and self-study.

After all, exposure is your friend in language learning. The more quality exposure you get, regardless of how you get it, the better off you will be in the long run!

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