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Who is Korean “Engineering Man”? 공대남이라는 단어를 들어본적 있어요?

When thinking of Korean men, most think of handsome idols and actors on stage, but do you know one category of man that is currently trending in Korea? It's called 공대남, or engineering man.

1. What is Korean Engineering Man? 그게 뭐죠?

Gong-dae-nam (공대남) literally means engineering man. It refers to a man who is studying science, engineering or any other courses in the engineering department (공학부) in Korean universities.

2. Their Personality 성격

There has always been more men in engineering departments compared to women so it was hard for them to find girlfriends. They also have a stereotypical image of a very studious (신중한) character as well as being very straightforward (the kind who believes yes means yes).

3. The Trend 공대남의 트렌드

These days, many Korean women are more interested in dating men who has the image of the engineering men. In the past, law students (법대생) were more popular as they are smart but as time passes, engineering men are becoming more popular as well. It is deduced that women are valuing economic stability over romance.

4. Stability over romance 로맨스보다 안정성

Living expenses in Korea are quite expensive, which is why many women want to marry someone with a specialized career (전문직). Another reason why engineering men are increasing in popularity is because students who graduated from a prestigious (권위있는) engineering department are most likely to get accepted into a major company (대기업).

5. Engineering Man in K-dramas 드라마 속 공대남

Nam Joo Hyuk’s (남주혁) lead role in Start Up was quite similar to the engineering men in reality especially their fashion sense. Another one is Lee Min Ki’s (이민기) role in Because This Is My First Life (이번 생은 처음이라) which exactly has the personality of the typical (전형적인) engineering man in Korea.

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