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6 Great Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

Finding a halal Korean restaurant can be a little tricky, to say the least.

We know that Korean cuisines have always been one of those meals that tantalise the taste buds and keep you wanting more so let us give you the inside loop on the best halal Korean restaurants in Malaysia.

Here are some great halal Korean restaurants that'll make you say sa rang hae (사랑해).

1) Shwim Pyo, Penang

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

First up in our list is a halal joint opposite University of Science Malaysia (USM) where you can find Korean comfort food at it's best!

From chewy Tteokbokki to delicious Sundubu- Jjigae, this modest restaurant serves maximum flavours at a reasonable price.

Shwim Pyo's meals are prepared by Malay USM students who were taught by the Korean family that owns the eatery.

With a cosy ambience and authentic tasting dishes, your halal Korean food adventure is bound to take off on a great start.

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

You can find the restaurant at:

2-1-14, Plaza Ivory, Halaman Bukit Gambir, Sunway Bukit Gambier, 11700 Gelugor, Penang.

2) Baguni, Penang

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

If you want a quick fix for those random Korean food craving, this is the place to be.

Despite having a small selection, Baguni does offer halal Korean ramyun options as well as rice dishes.

Do note that it is on the pricier side of things but if you don't mind it, then feast away.

Beside hot foods, Baguni also has a separate section where they retail halal Korean snacks, drinks and even masks!

Craving for something sweet instead?

Why not visit Gusttimo, the shop opposite Baguni and get yourself a refreshing Bingsu (Korean shaved ice topped with fruits and condensed milk)

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

You can find the restaurant at:

Ground Floor of Sunshine Square, No 1, Jalan Mayang Pasir, 11950, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

3) Sweetree, Kuala Lumpur

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

If you're around KL and you're looking for a halal Korean restaurant where you can relax and enjoy your meal, then this place is it.

With great ambience and mouth-watering food, Sweetree is about to make your mealtime a memorable one.

Other than serving halal Korean classics like samgyetang and kimchi jjigae, the restaurant also offers local delights like Kampung Fried Rice and pasta dishes.

Rest assured that they have something tasty for almost all palates.

As a cherry on top, Sweetree has its own prayer room in the outlet as well.

You won't have to worry about missing your prayers when you're there.

Since it's Ramadan, you can even talk advantage of their buffet and feast with the whole family.

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

You can find the restaurant at:

No 13 L-1 & 2, Jln. Ampang Putra, Taman Putra Sulaiman, Ampang.

4) K-Street, Kuala Lumpur

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

Previously known as The Street Cafe, K-Street has been offing many halal Korean street foods since 2008!

With more than a decade of experience in making scrumptious halal Korean meals, it's no wonder that people of all race visit the restaurant to get a taste.

Enjoy great Korean classics like crunchy popcorn chicken, odeng fish cake stick, as well as fish-shaped ice cream!

Quick and affordable, make K-Street one of your options for Iftar.

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

You can find the restaurant at:

K-Street / The Street Café, SS15 Subang No. 28 Jalan SS 15/8 Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan
Sunway Pyramid Lot 197 Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

5) EID, Bangi

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

EID has been the go-to halal Korean restaurant for many Muslim foodies
due to its reputation as the best halal Korean food in Itaewon, Seoul.

Get a taste of authentic Korean dishes made from housemade gochujang sauce (sweet and spicy red chilli pepper paste).

The owner, Mr Hyun Woo (also known as Saad) takes extra care in sourcing his produce which is evident through the quality of the food.

A comfortable setting that is suitable for the whole family and mouth-watering food, EID is a delight on its own level.

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

You can find the restaurant at:

No 8-23-01, Ground Floor, Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 7A, Bangi Central, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

6) Korea House, Johor Bharu

Halal Korean restaurants in malaysia

With a cosy atmosphere and an enticing aroma, the Korea House will surely keep you coming for more.

This humble restaurant is both visited by locals and Korean expats and is almost always packed during the weekends.

The Korean House happens to be one of the very few halal options around and its patrons take full advantage of it.

So much so that even the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim and his late father Sultan Iskandar were among their distinguished customers!

With reasonably priced food and a homelike atmosphere, the Korea House is good without being pretentious.

Halal Korean Restaurants In Malaysia

You can find the restaurant at:

Nong Chik, 80100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Hope you guys have a great time trying these halal Korean restaurants out.

Let us know what's your favourite dish in the comment section below!

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