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Top 5 Korean Food Preferences 여러분은 어떻게 먹는 것을 좋아하나요?

South Korea is known for their wide variety of food choices with many different kind of ways to enjoy them. Those who go for one choice always stay loyal to their preferences. Here are the top 5 Korean food preferences.

1. Blood Sausages 순대

Salt 소금 / Sauce 소스

Sundae is one of Korea’s popular street food (길거리 음식). Most Koreans in Seoul eat the blood sausages by dipping them (찍어 먹는다) into salt. Meanwhile, people in Jeolla-do (전라도) like to dip in red pepper paste (고추장) with vinegar (식초) and people from Gyeongsang-do (경상도) dip it into makjang (막장), a sauce combination of red pepper (후추) paste, garlic (마늘), sugar and other spices.

2. Korean-Chinese Food 한중식

Jjajangmyeon 짜장면 / Jjampong 짬뽕

These are the two main dishes in Korean-Chinese restaurants. Jjangmyeon is black bean (짜장) noodles and jjampong (짬뽕) is seafood (해산물) noodle soup. Everyone who goes to a Korean-Chinese restaurant (음식점) will always have the one dish between these two that they always order without changing.

3. Fried Chicken 후라이드 치킨

Original 오리지널 / Marinated 양념

This is another super popular (인기 있는) food in South Korea, with these both flavors being widely loved by everyone. Many people are always not sure which flavor to go for. Because of that, many restaurants already have a half-half (반반) option for their customers now.

4. Kimchi 김치

Fresh 겉절이 / Ripened 묵은지

There are so many different kinds of Kimchi, and even more ways to enjoy it. People in Seoul (서울) usually have Kimchi that is less salty (짜다) while people in Gyeongsang-do (경상도) have it more spicy (매운). Fresh Kimchi is usually preferred as a side dish (반찬), while the ripened ones are used more for cooking.

5. Soju

ChamYiSeul 참이슬 / Cheoum Cheoreom 처음처럼

Soju (소주) is the most common alcohol (술) that Koreans consume with it sometimes being cheaper than soda (사이다) at some restaurants. ChamYiSeul is the top-selling brand in Korea as many people says that is has a sweeter taste (단맛). On the other hand, many enjoy Cheoum Cheoreom as it has lower (낮은) alcohol content.

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