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Applying for Korean Govt Scholarship as an Oversea Student


Finding a good tertiary education abroad can be an expensive endeavour, to say the least.

This is why scholarships help a great deal in supporting qualified students who are studying overseas.

Here are some scholarship options offered by the South Korean Government and how you, as a Malaysian student, can apply for them.

1.Global Korean Scholarship

2.Korean Government Support Program for Foreign Exchange Students

3.The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, 2019

Global Korean Scholarship

170 undergraduate students and 700 graduate students

Global Korean Scholarship gives an opportunity for international students to further their studies in both undergraduate and graduate programs at colleges and universities in the Republic of Korea as an effort to promote international exchange via education as well as help create a mutual friendship between countries.

When should I apply?

For Undergraduate students:

Start applying: September (the year before)

Result released: January (year of study)

For Graduate students:

Start applying: February (year of study)

Result released: June (year of study)

What courses are the scholarships for?

This scholarship is applicable for all courses focusing on undergraduate and graduate students.


What expenses do the scholarships cover?

The Global Korean Scholarship gives up to 10,205,000 won for undergraduate and graduate applicants covers:


resettlement allowance

living allowance

medical insurance

tuition fees

language courses

award for excellent Korean Language Proficiency

research support

printing cost

What are the requirements for the Global Korean Scholarship?

You are required to undergo 1 year at a language institute on-campus of the domestic university to learn the Korean Language unless you have taken TOPIK and are able to score higher than level 5 in which case you will be exempted.

Know more about TOPIK.

The Global Korean Scholarship comes with several conditions.

Some of them are:

-applicant and their parents must be foreign citizens.

undergraduate applicants must be under 25 years old at the date of the entrance

graduate students must be under 40 years at the date of entrance.

-applicants are required to have an average of  80% (G.P.A) from their last educational program

-you should also have your Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree by the date of arrival at South Korea.

If you’ve already achieved an undergraduate, master’s or doctoral programs in Korea, you are not allowed to apply for this scholarship.

Do note that all courses need you to have basic communication skills in Korean for you to be able to get a student visa there.

We also have a survival guide for students where we explain how to apply for student visa among other things.

Interested in knowing more details about the Global Korean Scholarship program?

Head here and find more information.

Korean Government Support Program for Foreign Exchange Students

200 foreign students


As the name suggests, this is a Korean Government Support Program is by the Republic of  Korea government agencies that specifically caters to foreign exchange students.

Its main purpose is to give a better insight into Korean culture and education for exchange students.

This in return helps strengthen the global competence of Korean universities.

When should I apply?

Since this is an ongoing scholarship you can easily apply for it without worrying about the due date.

What courses are the scholarship for?

A quick heads up. The courses that you are studying are supposed to be a regular course like engineering or business administration, etc.

Language courses are not considered as a regular course.

What expenses do the scholarship cover?

The Korean Government Support Program For Foreign Exchange Students covers:

living expenses

reserve fund

roundtrip airfare

medical insurance

up to 3,960,000 won for 4 months (1 term) to 7,050,000 won 10 months (2 terms).

What are the requirements for the Korean Government Support Program For Foreign Exchange Students?

Do note that for you to be qualified for the Korean Government Support Program, you have a few conditions that you will have to follow.

-the applicant should be a foreign citizen.

-undergraduate students shouldn't have enrolled in a Korean university before.

-you shouldn’t have received any sponsorship from the Korean Government.

-Students should have completed at least 2 semesters with a minimum of 80% grade point average (G.P.A) score in their respective university before applying for the scholarship.

-the students are required to take at least 1 class or 2 credits of Korean language or any other cultural class.

If you have received the  Korean Government Support Program For Foreign Exchange Students before, you are not allowed to apply for the scholarship again as it focuses more on giving a head start for new students rather than for older students who are trying to extend or renew their terms.

Apply for the scholarship and know more details about the Korean Government Support Program For Foreign Exchange Students here.

These are the government scholarships that are made available for students from Malaysia however you can also try to apply to private scholarships which will heighten the chances of securing a scholarship.

If you are looking for an art scholarship in Korea, we also have a suggestion for you.

You can always try the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, 2019 which is open throughout the year.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, 2019 helps partially fund candidates of all nationalities to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s PhD in Arts offering an opportunity to promote and encourage skills in the traditional means of artistic expression.

When should I apply?

This particular grant does not have a due date however we recommend applying for the scholarship 6 months before your admission date in Korea.

What courses are the scholarship for?

The scholarship is offered to students who are practising Art as a medium which includes painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking.

It is offered to any university across the world, which makes it a great opportunity for Malaysians who are interested in either painting or sculpture making to apply for this scholarship.

However, this scholarship is not available for candidates who are more focused on the digital medium such as photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, filmmakers, videographers, or commercial artists.

This will provide a great opportunity for you to study and practice the art style and techniques from South Korea that is unique to its own.

What expenses does the scholarship cover?

The  Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation offers partial funding hence it does not specify what are the costs that it covers.

However, do note that it’s partial funding is anywhere from 12,920,000 won to 15,505,000 won.

What are the requirements for the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, 2019?

To be eligible for the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, you should:

-be 18 years and above.

-be in the early or developmental stage of your career.

-you need basics in painting, drawing, figurative style of engraving, and sculpture

-portfolio to show and display your work thus far.

-as an applicant, you should submit six images of representative works which are original and be replicated on a USB or CD in the required format.

-submit a description of the artistic project, identity proof, proof of acceptance from the university or institution where you intend to study or continue to study.

-submit your artistic approach, budget, and a recommendation letter (either from your professor or high school art teacher and principle)

Unlike other scholarships so far, this grant allows you to be a returning receiver of the scholarship however you will have to apply one year after the previous grant is over and it doesn’t depend on your G.P.A score.

You can find more details about the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant.

As a student who is venturing overseas, these scholarships will be a great aid in helping you achieve your dreams.

Let us know if these informations are helpful and beneficial for you in the comment section below.

Good luck!

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