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Online Shopping Sites that Koreans Use 한국인이 자주 사용하는 대표적인 온라인 쇼핑몰은?

Many foreigners have some hardships buying things when they move to Korea because it's quite a hassle to keep going out to buy their groceries or other necessities. But once you know about these online shopping sites, it will make your life there way easier than before. Here are 5 online shopping sites that Koreans use.

1. Coupang 쿠팡

Coupang is the online shopping site with the highest number of users (사용자) in Korea. It is famous among users because they have this thing called “Rocket Shipping”. This rocket shipping (로켓 배송) makes users be able to get overnight shipping for free (무료) if their order is over 19,800 KRW. They also have another thing called “Rocket Fresh” (로켓프레쉬) where they deliver fresh grocery that you order to you on the next day.

2. Market Kurly 마켓컬리

Market Kurly is a premium (프리미엄) online grocery shopping site that is known for offering goods that are in good quality and fresh (신선한). People also like to use Market Kurly as it is well known for providing delivery (배달) service that is very accurate. Every single product that this site delivers also comes with an ice pack to maintain the freshness of the groceries. But most crucially, they also have lots of products that can’t be easily found in Korea.

3. G Market G 마켓

This is a very famous Korean shopping site that is globally (세계적으로) used. Many people in Korea, be it locals or foreigners often use this app to purchase things. They have almost everything including trendy clothes (옷), food and even electronics (전자 제품). But it is mostly used to buy fashion items. This shopping site is also very efficient as they provide their service in 3 languages (언어) including Korean, Chinese and English.

4. SSG 신세계

SSG stands for ShinSeGae (신세계), it is one of the biggest department stores (백화점) in Korea. They offer a very wide range of famous brands that are available in their department stores. They also offer online grocery (식료품점) shopping as they have an E-mart mall (이마트몰). E-mart mall is one of the major supermarkets in Korea. SSG also offers free delivery with a minimum spend of 40,000 KRW.

5. YesStyle 예스스타일

YesStyle is very popular among Koreans as they have lots of fashion items (패션 아이템) including clothes, accessories (악세사리), beauty products (화장품). One of the pros of this shopping site is that they have a very wide variety of fashion brands to choose from. There are also many everyday coupons (쿠폰) offered for everyone to use. The price of the items that are sold through YesStyle are also very worth it.

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