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Korean Dreams Interpretation 한국의 대표적인 꿈해몽

Sometimes, you come across scenes in K-dramas where Koreans are always interpreting their dreams. It seems like a popular pastime. Here are some interpretations of dreams Koreans believe in, so the next time you can see if the interpretations are accurate!

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1. Money 돈

There can be two interpretations of money dreams in Korea. The first interpretation is that you will be going to make a lot of money, but hard effort (노력) has to be put in to fulfill. Meanwhile, the second interpretation says that you may enjoy sudden monetary fortune. Many people will interpret dreams of money as a sign to start saving up money.

2. Pigs 돼지

It's said in Korea that if a large herd of pigs enter your house, then you might be hitting the jackpot (잭팟) with black and white pigs being the most auspicious. However, if you are selling (팔다) a pig, it may sense that you might lose some money in the near future. And if you are being attacked (공격) by pigs, it means that something bad might happen.

3. Poop 대변

Although this is a weird dream, but dreaming about poop is said to be a good thing in Korea, especially if you’re touching (만지다) them. It means that huge prosperity may be coming your way. However, if you happen to be sitting on the poop means bad luck.

4. Ancestors 조상님

Having your ancestors reappear in your dreams can have both good and bad meanings. Ancestors that are giving you money or sharing a meal with you is interpreted as any family or career (직장) troubles related to family or career will go away. But if your ancestors refuse (거부) to eat the food you have offered them, it means that something bad is going to happen.

5. Giving Birth 출산

Giving birth to a baby is an auspicious sign, and the more the babies in the dream, the better it is. It means that your children will be healthy, and that they will be making a lot of money. Your children will also be very healthy (건강) and successful (성공) in the future.

6. Radish 무

Dreams involving fresh radishes shows that you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to do. It can also be interpreted as your hard work will pay off, and also help you can make a lot of money. And if you saw a giant turnip, it may indicate a baby (아기) is coming your way.

7. Blood 피

Although this may seem a little scary, getting stabbed and bleeding in your dream is often seen as a good sign in Korea. The blood represents money, so the more blood you shed, the more money is coming your way. Many people in Korea who had blood-filled dream will go out the next day to buy a lottery (롲또) ticket.

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