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5 Korean Language Quiz To Test Your Level

Korean language quiz

No matter if you are self-studying or attending a class, knowing your progress when you're learning Korean can be a tricky thing.

That is where online language quizzes come it. They help you determine what is your language level and how can you improve them.

Here are 5 Korean language online quizzes to help you out.

1 ) Test Your Language

Korean language quiz

First up on our list is Test Your Language.

Offering 60 questions to test your Korean vocabulary, this quiz is great because it includes not only romanised Korean but also written Korean and pictures.

This makes the quiz more entertaining and engaging.

If you are a beginner, this quiz is great since it's very easy to understand and uses basic vocabularies.

You can also use the quiz as an exercise since it doesn't limit you from taking it several times.

Test Your Language quizzes doesn't have a time limit as well so you can really take your time to complete them without rushing through.

2) Rakuten Viki

Korean Language quiz

If you are looking for a more relaxed quiz, try the Rakuten Viki Korean quiz that asks you questions based on common words that you hear from K-Drama.

This particular quiz has 30 multiple choice questions that you can access yourself with.

The words will be displayed in both hangul and romanised Korean along with a recording of how the word is pronounced.

If you are an avid K-Drama watcher, this is a fun way for you to find out how many words you've learned by watching all the series.

The quiz doesn't have a time limit, making it more relaxed and comfortable for beginners as well.

3) Penang Korean Class by Ubitto

Korean quiz

Are you someone who wants to evaluate yourself for class purposes?

Then this is the ideal Korean language quiz for you.

Not only does it have a combination of words, expressions and sentences, but it also offers recordings too.

The mix of easy and difficult questions help sort out what level of proficiency you are in be it Sprout, Survival, Solid, or Significance.

Know more about what these terms mean as well as Penang Korean Class's unique learning approach called purposeful learning here.

After completing the quiz your results are shown on an achievement table where you will know the points as well as which level you belong to.

On top of all this, you can also get proof of completion with your level of proficiency after you are done with the quiz.

Just a heads up that the quiz does have a timer so make sure to complete the test by 10 minutes.

4) Talk To Me In Korean

Korean Language quiz

Looking for a quick quiz for beginners?

Why not try the Korean language quiz by Talk To Me In Korean.

With a few simple questions, you get to refresh basic words that you are already aware of.

It has an uncomplicated flow of questions that are a great way to test your Korean knowledge without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.

They also inform whether your answers are right or wrong after you submit each question which makes it easier for you to take notes.

Do remember that the answers are mostly only written in Korean so you will need to know how to read Hangul to answer these questions.

5) My language.org

Another great quiz that is brief and concise is the Korean language quiz by My Language.org.

Both the questions and answers are written in Korean and English making it a great practice quiz if you've just started going to class.

They've included words and commonly used phrases that are easy for you to identify and learn.

However, unlike the previous quiz, you'll see the correct answers after you've completed all 20 questions.

Despite looking a little intimidating, it is very straight forward and user-friendly.

Hope these options help you in your Korean language learning journey.

If you've already tried some of the quizzes here, let us know in the comment section below.

If you wish to start learning Korean language, check out some class options here.

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