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5 Etiquette Rules of K-Pop Concerts 콘서트의 에티켓 규칙 5가지

1. Give Something, Get Something 주고 받기

A lot of fans especially who travel in for concerts will prepare (준비) little treat bags, heat packs, and other items to share (공유) with fans at the venue. If someone gives you a freebie (선물), out of consideration it is always good to have something to give in return.

2. Nothing Called Too Much Merch 머천다이즈를 입으면 더 좋다 

If you have merch from three consecutive eras, wear it! Some fansites (팬사이트) will require you to prove (증명) you are a fan of that member to get their freebies. Even smaller merch pieces are enough to get people's attention (주목).

3. Be Mindful of Those Around You  주위 사람들에게 민폐 주의

One of the main differences (차이점) about Korean concerts is that if you have seats, you do not stand up. And anything higher than shoulder (어깨) level is going to get looks and even some complaints (불평). Be aware of where your limbs are at all times and try not to block the people behind you with your light stick and banner.

4. Cheers Not Screams 비명말고 환호

You will get “SHHH’ed’ (쉿) and told to be quiet down if you are being too loud. Cheer (환호) when it's appropriate but don’t scream like someone is killing you at every moment. It’s okay to be loud but it's not okay to be loud when you should be listening.

5. No Flash 플래시 끄기

At send-offs, you must not use flash on a camera. At all. It is often dark (어두운) when the members are leaving (퇴거) and the flash will hurt them and others around you. A lot of send-off videos that make it online are really dark and hard to see because the only lighting (조명) is from street lamps around the venue (행사장).

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