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Can You Guess These Spring Destinations in Korea?

South Korea comes alive during the springtime with its lands is covered with colorful blossoms, tulips and its air sweetened with the fragrance of spring. Travelers are flocking to Korea to check out these beautiful spring destinations.

Can you guess these places? Take this quiz to find out how much do you know of these beautiful spring destinations in Korea!

So, what’s your score? If you scored high, congratulations! You must be familiar with the spring scene in Korea. If you did not, it is okay, better luck next time!

Would you like a totally different spring experience? How about joining us on our Farmping trip to Korea in the spring of 2020!

If you are wondering what farmping is, it is a combination of ‘farming’ and ‘camping’. Farmping is the latest holiday trend which is rising in popularity in Korea. You will experience a total immersion of authentic Korean culture at one of the most beautiful outskirts destinations in Korea!

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