When will I receive my payment?

uBitto’s monthly payment cycle will take into account:

  1. Course sale for Learn Instructors – orders completed for the month
  2. Practice booking for Practice Buddies – practice sessions fulfilled for the month
Example: If a Practice Buddy receives a booking sale on 29th April but the session is scheduled and completed next month, then the payout for this sale will fall onto next cycle.

Timeline of Account Statement and Payment

First 7 daysReceipt of Account Statement
Subsequent 7 daysDispute (contact us at info@ubitto.com)
Subsequent 7 daysPayment will be in within 7 working days

If you have transactions recorded in your system, you would receive:

1. Account Statement

Account Statement summarises all your previous month transactions. If you do not have any transaction, you would not receive any of the documents.

The payment are paid to you based on the Stripe email listed on the account statement. Please ensure detail provided is accurate.

Please note that any discrepancies will be adjusted in the next payout cycle.

It will also summarises all the service fees / transaction fee incurred, namely:

  1. Revenue-sharing fee (Sales –Month): Revenue-sharing % we agreed in the contract
  2. Stripe transaction fee: (3% + RM1 + 6% service tax)
  3. Cancellation Fee: uBitto reserves the right to charge cancellation fee for repeated non-fulfilment from Practice Buddy.

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