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5 Trendy Korean Slangs 한국어 슬랭

Have you ever been to Korea but did not understand what the locals were talking about even though you are fluent in Korean? Here are some short form trends in Korea that you will often see in K-drama's or variety programs.

1. Shim-Koong 심쿵

This phrase translates directly into “Beating Heart”. One of girl group AOA’s song “Heart Attack” is one of an example of where it was used. The Korean title Sim Koong Hae (심쿵해) which is translated My Heart is Beating.

2. Jon-Mat-Taeng 존맛탱

This phrase has often been heard during food shows (먹방). It is often used whenever really freaking good food has been tasted by the cast. The taeng (탱) at he end is like a cute twist and a form of aegyo (애교).

3. Inssa & Assa 인싸 & 아싸

This is a more commonly used abbreviation, especially in social circles (사회). Inssa means insider (인사이더) while Assa means outsider (아웃사이더). It’s just basically asking if you are cool or in the loop. But it has became such a widely used abbreviation although it is so simple (간단).

4. ManJjitNam 만찢남

ManJjitNam means “manhwa jjitgo naon namja” (만화 찢고 나온 남자) which means a man who came out by ripping the comic. It is used for someone who is do good-looking as if he was ripped out straight from a comic (만화). Astro’s Cha Eun Woo (차은우) is one of the most famous guy who has this title.

5. WeoLaBal 워라밸

WeoLaBal means Work-Life Balance. This phrase was created in an effort to create more work-life balance atmosphere (분위기) within the work centered environment in South Korea. Although the work-life balance has been improving, but it is still something that many workers in Korea aim to achieve which is why it is so famous.

6. GgilGgi BbaBba 낄끼빠빠

This phrase is often heard in Korean Dramas but many do not know the meaning behind it. GgilGgi BbaBba is the abbreviation for “Ggilddae Ggigo Bbajilddae Bbajinda” (낄때 끼고 빠질때 빠진다) which means that someone should know when to interfere and when to stay out of the topic.

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