Top 5 Korean Fusion Dishes

Top 5 Korean Fusion Dishes

Over the years as a lot of Koreans migrated to other countries, it is only normal for them to create Korean variations of that country’s dish or using whatever available ingredients, replacing another to recreate a childhood favourite. Obviously, these dishes aren’t a thing in Korea as they’re not traditionally Korean but they’re still tasty and interesting regardless!

1. Korean Tacos 한국식 타코

Dishes such as “Korean Tacos” have emerged from the contacts between Korean bodega owners and their Mexican workers in the Los Angeles area.

2. Korean French Fries 한국식 감자튀김

Korean-American street food has taken the concept of “loaded” French Fries to another level : smothering fries in kimchi (김치), kalbi (갈비) and garlic (마늘).

3. Korean Carrot 당근 김치

In Russia (러시아) and eastern European countries (유럽 국가), Korean people who moved there tried to replicate Kimchi with what they had. This dish doesn’t exist in Korea but is well known in those eastern European countries.

4. Meat Jun 고기준

Meat Jun is a popular Korean dish in Hawaii (하와이) which is not something you see often in Korea. It does exist but it’s rare and slightly different in taste compared to the one in Hawaii.

5. Kimchi Gumbo 김치 검보

Invented by Koreans living in Louisiana (루이지애나). They mixed gumbo, a Cajun dish, with kimchi.

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